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Hey folks,

In the six months since rubocop branch landed to cut down on style nitpicking, I’ve been tagging open issues as good first issue if they don’t seem like they require delving into complex parts of the codebase. I’ve been thrilled to see a lot of new contributors like xtian, sohaibbhatti, longkt90, bsima, thomasdziedzic, jtopgi, and nanjekyejoannah (and of course returning contributors greysteil, hmadison, david-wolgemuth, and NinjaTrappeur). Thanks, everyone, for your contributions to the codebase. It’s been a delight every time I get the email that someone’s opened a PR or even just commented to help run down a bug.

This morning I made another pass through the issue tracker tagging a couple more issues, reporting a bug, and adding some features, so I wanted to post to draw attention and invite new or old contributors to get involved. (If it’s relevant to you, a previous contributor has done so for schoolwork and I’ve acted as a job reference based on another’s contributions.) It’s almost all Ruby code, but there’s some js and math available. And lobsters-ansible has a few sysadminny things available, too. I’m happy to chat if you’d like pointers implementing anything.

Thanks again to our contributors, and welcome to any new volunteers. :)