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      How did the author not know there is already a command named vis(1) that is probably installed on every Unix-like OS?

      1. 3

        CLI-centric culture incentivizes a run on short names. We’re bound to run out soon.

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        Apparently not usually installed on linux? Also not to be confused with VIS. :)

      3. 2

        Not on most Linux distributions.

      4. 1

        Never heard of it.

        ~ » vis  
        zsh: command not found: vis

        Debian testing (stretch)

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          “Here’s a nickel kid…”

        2. 2

          “The vis command appeared in 4.4BSD.” - vis(1)

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      This editor is really the piece of software I wished to see happen. I may contribute as soon as I know C enough.

      Lua may do a much better job than VimL. And the multiple cursor feature integrated with sam’s structural regex is really exciting.

      1. 4

        I’ve started using Vis before it was cool, questions are welcome ;)

        1. 2

          It seems that new features came lately, like word completion in insert mode with <C-n>, or vis-menu, a tiny C program replacing slmenu that was needed.

          I miss the lack of buffer management, like :ls, :buffers, :bn, :bp, in vim. But I guess it will come some day, as there is a client-server design planned.

          What I wonder is if I can make it very portable, as in a binary for vis and all its dependency, like lua interpreter, and the lexers/theme/preferences files. As binary packages for vis are not as frequent as for vim, I may encounter systems where there is no compiler and no make, and no lua.

          Fortunately, vis has some make standalone grabbing all its dependency, building a statically linked binary. But I think I still need lua.

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