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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.


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    This weekend is going to be my only triathlon this year, so gearing up for that. Haven’t really trained recently and it’s a tough one (around Much Wenlock in the UK, hilly!) so just aiming to finish.

    Finally sorted my blog out, so I can generate content for it again. Now I just need to migrate it from a VPS to my hetzner box (there’s always one more thing, isn’t there…).

    Also aiming to finish servicing my project BMW this week, provided the parts arrive in the post and fit a new clutch slave cylinder to try and prevent the clutch not engaging occasionally. Project Boat is about ready to haul over to the club and launch, just need to figure out when to tow it and where to berth her at the other end.

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      working on a game for my kid, starts with a giant space chicken laying you and goes from there. right now, can fly around space breaking up asteroids, and land on planets and play in a sandbox with some different shuttles

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        Giving 2 SVN Workshops this week. One is about “advanced” merging. Hoping the attendees won’t be too grumpy ;-)

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          It’s using git-svn, isn’t it?

          That’s the secret.

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            In some cases that works very well, yes! But there are cases where the different worlds clash too hard and the end result is a mess…

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              Oh no, that’s fixable too!

              rm -rf

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                Many people seem to want a –just-do-it-for-me-so-i-can-switch-off-my-brain option.

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          I’ve been writing a mumble server from scratch. Surprisingly nice protocol.

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            I’m continuing to finish up various tasks in the wake of the PureScript 0.9.1 release - updating the book, libraries and online services. I’m also hoping to start compiling a list of actively maintained PureScript projects, since it can be difficult for beginners to find the best examples.

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              This week I’m implementing two-factor authentication for Hex.pm!

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                More work on Mailfeed - just tightening the screws and getting some areas of concern figured out before I start trying to get alpha users outside of my network.

                I’ve also had some feedback from friends saying I should look at incorporating. I’m going to visit a lawyer to get some actual legal advice about this, but does anyone have any experience with doing this in Canada (Alberta) ?

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                  Some freelancing sysadmin work, some job interviews, and some PC breakfix work. Job Hunt 2016 is still in gear as well, although I’m hoping to land something this week or next. Personally I’m trying to learn Rails, and am just getting started. I’ve got to get a dev environment set up, and was going to use a Docker container to do that. I’m not familiar with Docker yet either so this is all new. Fun stuff, and a lot to learn!

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                    I’m trying to implement the users endpoint of a social network API spec, which I defined, in Golang. It’s a really incredible language, but I don’t think I’ve quite grasped the best practices just yet. I end up refactoring my code when I learn something new or think of a great idea to implement. I’ll eventually be posting the source code on Code Review once I get the endpoint in a state that’s satisfying to me.

                    Feedback is requested! Just follow the link above for the API spec and let me know if there is any stupidity that you find.

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                      Hello all!

                      Hope y'all have had a great week!

                      I’m keeping the update short this week as I’m about to walk out the door and drive up to the US Embassy to get replacement passports for daughter and I.

                      In the last week, I made a bunch of improvements to rust-metrics.

                      I also made a lot of progress on lldb.rs including a lot of documentation.

                      I’ve also been reading up on computational algebra and have been learning the internals of Axiom and Aldor. I’ve got a much better handle on things now and hope to start making a fresh shot at this in Rust in the coming days.

                      I set up a Patreon at the request of someone … interesting to see how that goes.

                      I’m resisting (so far) the temptation to write a WebRTC stack in Rust. So far. Still resisting.

                      I’m supposed to fly this Friday to somewhere. But I haven’t decided where yet, much less booked anything. Hmm.


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                        • Releasing an update to one of the SPAs I work on.
                        • Start working on a UI architecture roadmap for the next year or so


                        • Assembling more Ikea furniture and post-move organizing
                        • Starting to expand my YA Horror novel with 12 additional scenes (it was a little on the short side)
                        • Designing a cover for that novel
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                          Really need to setup my portfolio and blog of sorts. I just can’t make my mind up of making it from scratch for learning (the blog) or use something like hexo. No idea.

                          Also working on various websites for clients once the designs from our designer get passed.

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                            I’m plowing through maths again after having finished “Level Up Your Life.” About the latter: The concepts are cool, the premise is cool, but it ultimately felt like a giant advert for the author’s other stuff (which also costs money) so that was a bit of a let down. Tempted to start some kind of free and open source alternative and call it The Empire just because I’m annoyed. I won’t be able to remain annoyed for long enough for that to come to fruition, probably.

                            Maths are going well so far, book is a blast, I’m chewing it page by page and making sure i really understand everything properly before moving on, it’s going to be mega useful and i think I’ll make a talk out of it. With lisp. Maybe.

                            Otherwise a bit of open source dependency management, bit of bug fixing, before we next week start on the Big New Thing at the office. We only know it through vague buzzy word requirements so we’ll see how that goes.

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                              University finished, so I have a bunch of free time to work on personal projects. This week I’m continuing work on a container runtime built from scratch. So far it’s been fun playing with the various low level linux APIs (namespaces, cgroups, overlayfs etc). Right now it can pull and ‘boot’ docker images, but work needs to be done around populating /dev and using cgroups properly.

                              Quick demo of pulling images: https://asciinema.org/a/08p212uouswkc8h7j1p9z46bj

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                                Preparing to give a conference talk next Friday. Preparing an application to go to university starting in September. On the computer, trying to implement a sensible user interface for a fairly complex search engine in JavaScript in a maintainable way. Hopefully that project will be ready to launch by Sunday, but it’ll be a squeeze to make it so.

                                Meanwhile I’m looking for a 4 week contract for August. If you’re looking for a Ruby or Python developer to rapidly prototype ideas, or just spend 4 weeks cleaning up existing code, get in touch! I’m based in Berlin, but remote work is welcome. me@dpk.io