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    I saw “Eclipse” and immediately felt a wave of sadness, but then I looked at the screenshots and it appears that they’ve done a good job of reproducing the overall UI from version 1. So nice work, probably the least-ugly Eclipse-based application I’ve ever seen!

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      Eclipse Theia is a fork of Visual Studio Code.

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        Oh I see, so that’s why! Thanks, I had no idea that existed!

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      … and immense increase of complexity and dependencies.

      If I have to work with Arduino, I prefer Arduino-Makefile + my favorite editor or IDE.

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        I’m not very active in this space anymore but my impression is that most people moving on from the “make an LED blink” level of expertise end up on the Arduino VSCode extension (https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=vsciot-vscode.vscode-arduino) or Platform.io (https://platformio.org/)