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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Therapy starts this week so I can finally stop being a mess.

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      Good luck! In my experience therapy doesn’t stop you from being a mess, but does teach you useful tools to become less of a mess.

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      Waiting for immigration paperwork to come in so I can start my new job. In the meantime I’m just vibing and working through my blogpost backlog.

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        immigration paperwork is a pain… And 2020 doesn’t help. Good luck.. I need to do the same cause my visa will expire next year.

        Anyway this week I’m mostly working on group chats in Jami and file transfer. I also continue some personal projects, bots, fix my oven and start to create a christmas gift for my parents.

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          I’m not worried. Things will either work out or they won’t. If they don’t work out, I have fallback plans. Worst case I’ll probably put a note up on my blog and see what happens.

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          A random company idea - make it dead simple for a company to hire a remote worker in a new country, by acting as an intermediary. It seems silly that every company has to figure out 401k and other equivalents for every country they need a presence in. This probably already exists.

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            This is called consulting, right?

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              I follow someone on twitter that’s running a business sorting this out for people, although the name of them and the business has entirely escaped me.

              I seem to remember seeing tweets about the legal hoops they’ve had to jump through to sort this out, and they were only available in a couple of countries at the time. USP is basically what you’ve described though, they take care of the paperwork for business and employee so it works out easily for both ends.

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            Working from the beach. It’s November but weather is still awesome. Best office upgrade ever.

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              I finally came to term with myself that cover letters are not the subject for deep introspection on my imposter syndrome. I finish my first one and will it get going for the next ones. So job hunt it is.

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                Working on my resume and contributing to some OS projects on Github while trying to get an internship dialed in for next summer - it’s been really challenging.

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                  I just re-launched my blog using a self-developed custom CMS: https://jlelse.blog/posts/new-blog-goblog

                  So, next to work, I will probably spend time fixing bugs.

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                    Continuing to think about how I can possibly get libsodium’s secretstream API working in a React Native app so I can make a mobile version of https://github.com/spieglt/cloaker. Maybe working on porting https://github.com/spieglt/whatfiles to x86. Maybe reading more about Zig.

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                      I’m working on the leaderboard and ELO system I built for the Among Us league I play with my friends. Basically, we take the game way too seriously and it’s very fun.

                      Otherwise, I’m enjoying autumn and the thinning trees I can see from my WFH desk!

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                        Application support

                        I’m porting a different old network daemon for an obscure protocol to macOS. It’s a wonder anything ever worked in the 1990s; pre-ANSI C permitted all sorts of crazy behavior.

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                          Gave an internal talk about our company no longer pushing for microservices, but instead, launching an internal serverless system where logically related routes are deployed independently as a lambda of sorts. A central team takes care of operations, like pushes. Maybe someday we’ll publish a tech blog about this.

                          Worked on a quick newsletter on Go for Internal Services.

                          Hopefully recording my first episode of SRE Podcast.

                          Finally, baked a cake with one of my friends to celebrate Biden’s victory.

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                            Out of curiosity, why did you decide to push for lambdas instead of microservices? Do you have very irregular (or rare) load?

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                              They’re not lambdas in the AWS sense. What we did was wrap the existing Python controllers with gRPC, which made every controller an RPC service. Then we grouped these RPC services into logical components, and made each component its own deployment. And then we use Envoy to transcode http requests to gRPC.

                              This gives us push independence (one route’s breakage doesn’t block the entire monolith’s push) and isolation. Gives us a bunch of benefits of microservices for “free”.

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                            • Trying my damnedest to stick with a regular exercise schedule
                            • Looking forward to replies from the companies I applied at last week
                            • Rediscovering I can write good documentation
                            • Trying to port my lobsters app to Kotlin Multiplatform
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                              Parsing Ragnarök Online files (currently .grf, .spr) as part of my project of writting an actual alternative client for the game, which envisions to have modern features and multi-platform support.

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                                This week, I’m going to be trying out a pattern of intermittent fasting, of the eating in an 8 hour window variety. Beyond that, working on making code more testable at work, which will mean injecting a lot of seams, and, if I have the energy in the evenings, working on No Crafts Left Behind. Various things came up this weekend which meant I didn’t do anything with it.

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                                  WORK: Doing the final push to get our code that runs on our appliances ported to the newest version of the underlying OS. It’s more difficult than you’d think, but really it’s just a slog.

                                  HOME: Working on my custom regex engine. It’s got some interesting properties.

                                  HOME2: I’m in my fourth week of my running program; I’m up to two miles at a time. Should be up to like 2.25 at a time by the end of this week. Listening to podcasts about murder helps.

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                                    Listening to podcasts about murder helps.

                                    Killed me.

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                                    Work looks like it’s going to be a sad week. I’m finishing up some work on our CI, and the next few tasks in the backlog are all build and CI related, so I’ll be spending more time than I want with Jenkins. I’m bad at procrastinating on this type of work, so I need work on fixing that, too. I have to focus on just getting it over with…

                                    @home I’m playing with the new computer. It’s very fast, but I’m having one issue with the monitor waking up from sleep (or could be hibernate) and I really need to fix it because it’s very annoying having to kill X every time the computer goes asleep.

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                                      More small web stuff, putting both gopher and gemini behind web proxies

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                                        I got my new blog up and a great first post with a lot of reads, but it’s been difficult to focus with the political and personal turmoil. Hopefully will be able to re-center. I have four half written posts.