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These repositories contain source code for the Infocom games, including a variety of files both used and discarded in their production. They’re written in ZIL (Zork Implementation Language), a refactoring of MDL (Muddle), itself a dialect of LISP created by MIT students and staff.

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    Here’s a book on ZIL.

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      Thanks! I particularly like the subtitle.

      For anyone looking for a compiler, I have heard suggestion that these will compile with zilf. However there are several different iterations of ZIL and zilf doesn’t promise to understand them all, so your mileage may vary.

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      That repo is pure nostalgia fest for me, even though I skipped the 80s text adventure scene. I played a lot of the games that were released in the 90s on the back of Graham Nelsons work building a compiler for the z-machine & have all of these infocom games on a CDROM (released by Activision at some point) which is somewhere in the loft.

      All these games were being referenced by people within the scene all the time; it’s fantastic to have all this detail about them finally available to everyone. I hope they stay up & we shift the acceptable position on availability of copyrighted data for the sake of historical analysis away from ‘the copyright owner gets to insist that absolutely everything must stay locked up forever regardless of the wishes of everyone else’.

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        Andrew Plotkin’s blogpost on the topic.

        Twitter thread on the release from Jason Scott of textfiles.org