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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Road tripping round Scotland with a friend. No laptop, rented camera (Fujifilm x100v!), disconnected most of the day and loving it. 14 year old, £5k Golf GTI is far more fun than it should be.

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      I’m having coffee with my dad at our favorite coffee shop for the first time since early 2020.

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      I’m going to be working on my federated anonymous messageboard. It’s funny, I just finally got around to adding a rate limiter today – somehow, 9 months went by on a federated, anonymous, registration-free messageboard, and one wasn’t needed yet ( !!!)

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      Just had our offer accepted on our first-ever house!

      Traveling back to our current home over the weekend, but boy do I have a lot of work ahead of me up to (and long after) closing date!

      I will take any and all (now-solicited) advice from current homeowners! :D

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        Home inspectors. Go through the house with them. You want to know what’s what.

        Only flush boilers if they’ve always been flushed.

        Know where your pipes and wires run. Most people doing a survey before a job or otherwise don’t care as much as you will.

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      • Finish properly parallelizing my Ada port of “Raytracing in a Weekend” and working on a write-up of the positives and negatives of the Ada vs the standard C++ version. I’d like to do a performance comparison against a C++ version but that might get pushed to a different write-up.
      • Hopefully working on pushing my code search tool toward beta. It’s handling real workloads just fine at work, I gotta clean up the command-line interface and add some creature comforts.
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        Is your Ada raytracer available anywhere? It’d be neat to see.

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          I was waiting on doing a full write-up for my programming in Ada page. I’ve crossed the line from objectivity in my discussions about Ada, and I’m trying to return to form of an objective write-up comparing the Ada port vs the C++ original. For example, one of the things I did with types and safety checks results in a 30% performance hit with checks turned on, but caught several bugs while I was working (yes, checking every floating point operation for NaN and infinity is quite expensive!). I need to post my most recent version and then clean up the code, but it’s available if you’re impatient..

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      I have a notebook of dumb ideas, where everything from shower thoughts and so on are scribbled down. I revisit this oh so often, and the ones that still seem to have some value gets picked for prototyping. These can be silly on the level of ‘what if the cursor blink rate is proportional to my current heart rate?’ or ‘can I play marble madness using only my face’.

      The one picked for this weekend is to try and mod one of my pinball machines to be self playable – rig up some cameras, write some basic filter chains for detecting balls and so on, cheat a little (it’s a prototype) by reducing the general lighting. The longer thing would be some setup where you could try and write your own set of analysis rules, upload as a script, ‘drop a quarter’, get the playback result and see what the internet does with it…

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      Going to install CloudReady (aka ChromeOS but not on a chromebook) to my XPS 13. I really enjoyed using my mom’s chromebook over the last weekend due to the ability to run a full linux container/VM underneath, the idea of having something as nice as chromeOS where things “just werk” while having a full debian shell underneath is enticing.

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      Editing and interview with SQLite creator Richard Hipp! Also pulling some weeds and eating ice cream.

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      Lots of cycling and lots of practice to type colemak on my moonlander.

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        Checkout https://www.keybr.com/. I caught up to my old WPM in Colemak in a few weeks practicing on that site an hour or two everyday.

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      Building fun, not-serious stuff with RetroForth. Catching up on my reading. Have a good weekend, Lobsters!

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      Meeting a friend family at a beauty spot near us. Really looking forward to it! Our kids haven’t seen each other in a couple years, so it’ll be exciting to see if they get on.

      Hoping to also visit the allotment to do some more weeding, watering, and planting new seedlings that arrived.

      Monday is my “domestic dad day”, when I juggle hanging out with my 9-year old and doing chores while my wife works. Comics tend to be involved.

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      An org-based iOS habit tracker. Adding multi day support for weekly habits. https://twitter.com/xenodium/status/1400775889860894720?s=21

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        Looks super interesting, going to give this a try!

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          Oh yay. Would love to hear how it goes… It’s still fairly early days for it.

          I see arnes-notes is also org-based. High five!

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      Still looking for an option to buy cask of whisky from 2020 as a gift for my son on his 18th birthday.

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      Working on my knowledge base arnes-notes, so much fun! And reading books about team leading.

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      Finishing up a personal tracking app using Flutter.

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      Recovering from a week of lockdown-enforced schooling from home - relaxing, playing with the kids instead of hounding them into video meetings, and attempting to clean the house.

      Tech-wise, I’ve swapped my main SIM over into my PinePhone now that I’ve fitted the new motherboard, and trying once again to see how it goes as a daily driver.

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        In what field is the skilled task?

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            I don’t believe many paralegals are unionized, so the requirement may end up with scofflaws alone using your software.

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      It is going to be really good weather, so my wife and I will spend quality time with our baby boy in the park. There is a train line and a river and he loves watching the trains and boats.

      Otherwise baking bread on Sunday, maybe some cycling and if I find the time finally finishing a server consolidation of the various VPSs I accumulated for my personal projects.

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      Testing chess engine on picolisp via force mate positions so far so goos.