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    This seems more than a little misguided. Starting right at the top with browser selection. I’m all for hiding your data from PRISM if that’s what you want to do, but is there any evidence to suggest Chrome is secretly recording and tunneling your traffic to the NSA? Or Apple Mail? From the perspective of preventing the NSA from reading your tweets, how would a “popular Twitter-like social networking hub for the free and open source software community” be any different from Twitter? Is there a list of all the NSA’s IPs so that I can block them from my self-hosted WordPress blog? 90% of this has nothing to do with PRISM. Maybe they can toss “child molesters may have Facebook accounts” on the list of cons too, I’m sure that will score points with some people.

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      Saying this is some sort of “PRISM opt out” is silly, but it is still a good list of application alernatives. I was not aware of Adblock Edge, or Jitsi as an alternative to Skype.

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        The title of the page is certainly populist; nevertheless, it does make a nice list of alternatives (@tedu, their motivations are certainly not too convincing, that’s right)