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    I already wondered why there are both. It more or less makes sense now. ;) Thank you for the interesting link!

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      Can we all please stop with the “more” and “less” puns? The more I hear about them the less I am inclined to read this article to the end.

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        I’m most interested for the puns to stop.

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          unix pagers also support horizontal scrolling! (well, most.)

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          Reminds me a bit of one joke an old unix admin told me:

          You can always tell how old a unix command is by how short it is and how many arguments it takes.

          Cases in point ps, ls, etc…

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            In this case, pg is the traditional pager program.

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            Am I missing some amazing rich features in the world of pagers? All I want is for something to pause the terminal when a screenful is reached, let me page back sometimes and that’s about it. more(1) does seem to handle that, primitive or not.

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                A variant of that feature I use pretty often in less is pressing & to search instead of /. That hides all lines except the matching ones, like an interactive grep.

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                Yes. Less has a few tricks. “shift >” will take you to the end of the file. “shift <” back to the beginning. “/” allows you to search. Typing “10” will take you to line 10. “?” allows you to search backwards. I actually use all of these features every day.

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                  less can switch into and out of ‘follow’ mode with F, which means you get the benefit of a pager, but also of e.g tail -f.

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                  Ok. Now the word ‘more’ sounds funny.

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                    I remember years ago looking at the GNU tools and remembering that “GNU’s Not Unix”…and that’s absolutely true. :)

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                      I would’ve appreciated a list of the new features in less.

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                        Does this one not need to be pg rated?

                        Seriously though, an interesting history (and I wonder why more on most systems doesn’t have back scrolling if it was added in 4.3BSD!).

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                          Linux more has back scrolling but just with files, not pipes.

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                            Hah, true. I’ve been using less so long that the only time I end up using more is on embedded systems, which are typically using BusyBox’s back scrolling-less version.