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    I’m impressed. I didn’t think CNTs were this manufacturable. But the on-off ratio isn’t great. And I’m guessing the contact resistance is terrible. Perhaps it will be competitive with silicon/germanium nanowires and perhaps it won’t. I’ve been out of the VLSI game for a while now, but I’m not holding my breath for anything to beat silicon/germanium anytime soon.

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      I didn’t either. Really impressed with what they have achieved. Even if it took 100 tries to get to this point, the fact that we have created a non-silicon based microelectronic device is amazing.

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        Yes, it’s an incredible achievement. I’m surprised I didn’t hear about it when it originally was published. I wonder if this is the only example we have of a modern large scale CPU implemented in a substrate other than silicon or gallium arsenide (which works pretty much like silicon).

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