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    Wow. Half-ish of the users who responded use evil mode or similar to have vi key bindings. That surprises me even though I frequently use emacs that way myself.

    I guess the old joke that “Emacs is a great system. It just needs a decent text editor” had more truth to it than I imagined.

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      Indeed I believe I would not stick with Emacs if there would not be VI support. I use Emacs only for org-mode, but now for years. And I remember that at the beginning I just installed standard Emacs and was researching how to enable evil mode. Later I switched to Spacemacs. This works for my case, though for coding and console work I still reach mostly to VIM.

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        It looks it correlates with the Doom + Spacemacs user numbers and as far as I remember they have ViM keybindings as defaults or at least suggested as defaults. I know they helped me as a long time ViM user with easing the emacs adoption curve.