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    Nice, but it’s unclear to me whether the algorithm it uses is better than simple Markov Chains for entertainment value.

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      Recently I actually did a project like this. You can find it here: https://tofu.wtf/buzzwords

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        It does seem a bit less repetitive, but that’s probably just the large amount of data it’s been fed.

        // My favorite generators are the Conservative Book Title Generator and the Startup Generator :D

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        A few of these have potential:

        “How to Make a New Tax Law for Your Boss”

        A title for a training piece for lobbyists working for companies like General Electric.

        “Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks”

        Opinon piece griping people spend way too much time in and money on Starbucks.

        “Black Panther Crushes the iPhone XS and XS Max”

        Microsoft executives say, “If it worked for Hollywood, it can work for Windows Phone.” To everyone’s surprise, it crushes iPhone after it becomes unavailable due to supply issues from trade war in China. Luckily, Microsoft was using US parts due to a DoD contract for a phone they thought only governments would buy. The quick rebranding and financial success earned the innovator behind it a promotion from Vice President of Sales to Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

        “How to Buy a Nightmare”

        An article about acquisitions like HP/Autonomy and Facebook/WhatsApp that cost billions while just draining more money out of buyers. Or dangers of exotic pets that dismembered owners. Or that one episode of one show about home auctions where they bought a 100% vandalized house (even toilet was cemented) thinking it was regular wear-and-tear.