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      For anyone reading this, not knowing the release process of FreeBSD.

      This is not a release but a part in the release project.

      FreeBSD is developed on a CURRENT branch (think head/master/…). From that branch stable branches get branched off. These are still development versions. From these stable branches which are named after the major versions of releases releng branches are branched of that relate to single releases (beta, release candidates, releases, patches to it).

      The stable branches keep stable ABIs (so software compiled for a certain branch should work with any release or compiled snapshot of a branch). So stable/12 will eventually lead to 12.0, 12.1, … 12.x, each of which will also have a releng branches from which they are tagged.

      This among other things means that shortly after these branches the branches from which they fork off can have their codefreezes (a state where only certain commits, like bugfixes and documentation changes are allowed) lifted.

      A lot of this I think becomes clear when looking at the release schedule of an individual release, like the 12.0 one.


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      release would be the right tag for this.

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        Will remember for future posts. Looks like I’m past the editing window.

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      Are there any good documents about the big changes that are planned for 12? There isn’t much on the wiki or draft changes page.

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        This doc is slowly getting filled in. https://www.freebsd.org/releases/12.0R/relnotes.html

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        in addition to what trousers mentioned, the main big, expected change in FreeBSD 12 is going to be drm-next-kmod, providing support for newer Intel and Radeon graphics chipsets.