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      Wow, this looks like a great start. Some rough edges and incomplete, but great underpinnings.

      Ironic that it hit lobste.rs the same day as the Atom sunset announcement and in spite of being familiar with Xi and Druid this is the first I’ve heard of it.

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      It felt wrong at first, because switching between files felt too fast. Guess I got used to “a good editor” taking some time..

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      I’ve tried this out on macOS and have found it too immature as of yet. It’s support for syntax highlighting various common formats is fairly sparse. I wanted to test out editing a Markdown file and there was no coloration for that. However other aspects seem quite compelling, and the speed is noticeably better than VSCode.

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        I wanted to test out editing a Markdown file and there was no coloration for that.

        Looks like that is supported now.

        Also it uses Tree-sitter so lots of languages should/could be supported.

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      It’s extremely fast, I’ll give it that. It’s supposed to have LSP support, but I couldn’t get it to run or connect to an LSP for C#, and there was no C# highlighting. Oh well; it’s certainly a promising start.

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      I couldn’t find any documentation for the remote access. VS Code’s depends on running an entire copy of the JavaScript engine and any binaries that plugins use on the remote side, which makes it hard to support on other platforms. Is this a more structured approach?

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        I believe the situation is similar for lapce, but much simplified because the editor itself is a single binary with everything baked it, so the remote dependency chain should be a bit lighter/less convoluted.

        By the way I don’ think this is a design flaw. There are such things as remote file systems you can use with any editor to work on remote files, the point of a remote editor is that it runs the editor remotely. These two things are distinctly different and it makes sense you need the dependencies/plugins remotely for a remote editor instance, that’s the whole point. Also it means you don’t need them locally, which is also part of the point.

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      Wow it’s fast! Also love the single binary setup, easy to try/use! Alas, I can’t yet part way with my emacs setup with all the packages I have setup.

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      Thanks, I hadn’t seen this one.

      I’ll try it out for the remote editing alone, but the entire feature set looks good (on paper).

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      People, if you’re not happy with VsCode/Electron and you don’t want to shell out for a Sublime Text license , CudaText is THE editor for you https://cudatext.github.io/

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        Your comment is not very helpful. I would avoid “Use X” without bringing any additionnal information. Everyone could do baseless claim about X being THE editor.

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