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    Fantastic news. I usually run -current, other than on my servers. With wireguard available, it looks like I’m gonna have to finally upgrade them to the bleading edge once the next set of snapshots are built.

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      Do any commercial VPN providers offer WireGuard support yet? I remember reading that ExpressVPN was working on it, but haven’t heard any news in a while.

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        mullvad.net has had it for quite some time, not sure about any others (as in I’ve not tried to check it with others)

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          I also use mullvad. WireGuard works great especially as VPN on my iPhone.

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            I’ve been using Mullvad for several months not, it’s wonderful

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                Though I would want to use a provider who is known for hiding their ownership information and their leadership behind some Panamanian shell company.

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                ExpressVPN was working on it

                They built their own protocol on DTLS.

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                I’ve been checking in on this every now and then, really cool that it was merged!

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                  Hopefully this will lead to pfSense integration soon. I know they have been working on it.

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                      Cool, didn’t know that FreeBSD was working on it as well. Thank you for the links!

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                      IIRC, pfSense is based on FreeBSD, just utilizing OpenBSD’s pf(4), which has been supported on FreeBSD for quite some time. That to say, I think there is still a fair bit of work to do before you’ll see WireGuard in pfSense.