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      I stuck with Amiga from 1986/7 until Windows 95, and the 2 skills I should have picked up I did not. Instead of paying $500 at the time for a proper C compiler I spent it on an Epson 8-pin dot matrix printer. The ARexx language fulfilled all my hobby programming needs. For an editor I latched on early to UEdit, which was ahead of it’s time as a programmable editor. Unfortunately the author passed away too soon, before anyone really caught on to OSS (and before HTTP and the internet revolution), so when VIM was released on a Fred Fish disk it was just more noise to me.

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        proper C compiler

        Meant DiceC, back then. The author is Matthew Dillon, which later became Freebsd project lead, then forked it into Dragonfly as random committers insisted in moving forward the wrong way (copying Linux) regarding SMP, and he was ousted from the project for trying to hold that back and design SMP approach properly instead.

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          Was Dice $500 at the time?

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            IIRC, something like that

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            I don’t know, but it was supposedly a cheap (relatively) C compiler. Matt was apparently in high school at the time. Quite enterprising.

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        I’m already forgetting more than just the details from those days, but have a notion that I shared my happiness, anger and hearthache on BBSes using CygnusEd with Thor. Don’t know exactly when I met CygnusEd, nor Arexx or Thor for that matter, but they were all love at first sight. It lasted until summer ’98, when I my studies finished, and my free time vanished almost over night. Powered it on now and again after that, but in 2006 my 1084S monitor finally died, and that was it.

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          ARexx was just the cat’s meow for me at the time. I think in some ways it was a proto-functional language. My Amiga bbs hangout was FAUG, first amiga user’s group I think very early on (like 1987) Donald Knuth popped in on occasion, but I could be wrong. I didn’t know who he was at the time.

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          Modern screens work well with the Amiga, with an OSSC in-between.

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            Thanks, I suspected as much, but never really checked. Haven’t had time, money or room to do anything with my old A500 or A4000, only cleaned the motherboard of the latter after the battery had leaked out, have to check for damages.