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    The Workgirl Keyboard Layout linux artemis.sh

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    I went with “workgirl” for this post as a protest against the name “workman”

    Maybe I am missing something, but if the point is that gender is a scam, why change the name to a different gender? Was the point not to remove the gender? I’m probably thinking too hard about it.

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      It’s addressed in the last section

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        Gender is a scam, but it is a scam that society at large (including you, me, and the author of that post) has bought into.

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          In terms of language, I think a lot of the gender focus has to be blamed on our Indo-European heritage: You could not say a noun without giving it a gender. Although eroded away in English, it’s still in the personal pronouns (he/she), and desperately neutral uses of words like “person” and singular “they” are an afterthought (whereas “it” is the old neuter pronoun).

          That said, I think this keyboard layout is clearly feminine – it has “GYNE” (Greek: “woman”) printed on it ;-)

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        I’ve flagged this as off-topic. While I agree for the most part with the article, it doesn’t really have too much meaty technical content – just one person forking a project, renaming it, and writing about it with a call for political action. It’s more suited for HN or Reddit, IMO.

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          It strikes me as a technical howto about using your computer the way you want to. If the motivation were not gender equity but libera software, would you change your mind?

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            If the motivation were not gender equity but libera software, would you change your mind?

            Hmm, tough question, since we’re talking about a hypothetical article :)

            If such an article came with, um, a lengthy prose section about the software and maybe comparison to other software, or really any technical content: yes, that would be what I consider on-topic. If not… eh, it’s probably not really what I’d consider “high-quality”, being not much more than a glorified installation guide and would thus end up being flagged.