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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      Waiting for the birth of my first baby, so it’s hard to concentrate on work :)

      Other than that developing beta code redemption flows for our product. Should be interesting.

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        May be a bit late for this advice, but it seems to me to be the big difference between being a happy parent and an unhappy one: prepare yourself emotionally for a great harrowing of the self that will last years and may never fully abate. If you go into parenthood expecting to maintain your lifestyle at all, particularly in the first 5 years, you will make yourself miserable with disappointment.

        When my kid was born I fully prepared myself to achieve nothing of value beyond caring for my child for ~2 years and this has proven to be, in some respects, an optimistic projection.

        On the other hand, taking care of my child is literally the only non-alienating work I have ever undertaken beyond purely academic or artistic pursuits. It is a priceless experience but you must accept it as such and expect the rest of your life to make way for it.

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        Congrats! All the best for the new family member!

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        Congratulations! It will be frightening and the best thing ever at the same time :)

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      Writing my own blog and newsletter stack, moving away from dev.to. It’s a part of my effort in trying to be more social and contribute more back to the community.

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      Getting ready to launch our puzzle adventure vr game tomorrow (july 27th) on all major vr stores! Weeehooo!

      I’ve coded gameplay, shaders, design tooling, optimizations, porting, and some other stuff. Hard to believe we’ve finally made it after a little more than 3 years!

      Announcement link: https://twitter.com/BitCakeStudio/status/1413233930858209280

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        Congrats on launching!

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          Thanks!! It surely feels good :’)

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        Looks beautiful, great work - How big was the team?

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          Thank you! The team was around 10 people and about 12 during peak development.

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      Working on a CTF challenge involving NixOS!

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      Short week of work, then some much needed time off. Past couple of weeks I’ve felt completely drained and overwhelmed at work, causing me some issues that even the manager picked up on. So gonna go and do some reflection, work on some small personal projects and work on getting a healthy rythm in my live again.

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      I just brought a 2nd R720 (2U rack server) online in my home rack to use as either a k8s lab box or a single-node k8s server.

      I was an early adopter of k8s back in around 2015-2016, using it to migrate FarmLogs (a YC startup) from a series of Heroku apps to a self-managed cluster of a few big nodes that supported our big collection of microservices.

      Since then I have not really used it in a production sense, so I want to freshen up and also begin using it to deploy my own private/self-hosted apps.

      I essentially want AWS at home: need a random psql db? Need a redis instance too? I want to provision it with code and have it sandboxed for each of my clients, versus having a bunch of services running locally and needing to worry about state and what lives where.

      I am exploring some of the pseudo-k8s tools like k3s and similar, but will probably go with k8s the hard way since I have done it from scratch a few times now.

      If anyone has tips for a more ‘infrastructure-as-code’ approach to doing this in a homelab I am all ears!

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      I am helping coordinate: https://github.com/janet-lang/janet/issues/720, even though someone has been taking the majority of the files, lol. I’m also doing work, and plan on helping update https://goto-engineering.github.io/powered-by-janet/, which is something I helped with last week.

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      Attempting to bring up a Sun Ultra 5 and 10 so that I might open ed and start a diary. Looking to have a fun UNIX System V “typewriter”.

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      Working on a large, big team, grant application at work. Making very gradual progress understanding how to do diagrammatic perturbation theory and continuing this brilliant course on general relativity.

      There was a time in my life when I could not go even one day without programming but lately that time has gone towards physics. I have also been playing through Bloodborne, slowly.

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      Currently implementing a hierarchy role system for our application. Users will be able to create trees that represent the structure of their institution and the rights an individual has. That’ll be quite some update from “admin” and “user”.

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      $work: Well, the Hypothetical Code Freeze last week passed a bunch of real-world integration tests with flying colors, so the core of the code is basically Done For Now. Now most attention has to be paid to the edges, which unfortunately always get neglected when core changes are happening: Deployment (yay!), interface with other systems (which will be Interesting), GUI (siiiiiiiigh).

      $nonwork: Lots of cleaning, lots of household tasks like setting up rain barrel, making cat door, etc. And hopefully work on Garnet programming language stuff. I spent last week re-reading all my code and doing a cleanup pass on it, and I don’t actually hate the result and feel like it’s in an okay place to keep moving forward.

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      New desk got delivered today, going to move my office back to the basement where it’s nice and cool for the summer. Sometime in the future going to have to figure out why 2nd floor of the house is a bit too warm even with AC running.

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      Off work this week, and the major project is getting our new puppy used to our home and integrated with the rest of the family.

      I also have a bunch of reading I had planned to do this week, but I’m not sure the puppy will allow that…

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        Might be a good time for audiobooks! Good luck with the pup :D

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      Attempting to migrate an bugzilla installation with ~27k tickets to gitlab, using a heavily modified multithreaded verison of bugzilla2gitlab ..