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    Hi, i’m the author of The Webpage, which is now open source! https://github.com/arussellsaw/news

    I had a lot of really good feedback about the layout the last time i posted this, now i’ve switched to truncating the articles client side based on the calculated height of the slot they’re in, which has led to a much more even page overall, and far fewer blank spaces.

    Please let me know of any feedback you have, i’d love to hear it. I’m working on getting the layout engine and ui working right, and making the backend more scaleable at the moment, i’m looking to add user accounts with custom RSS feeds sometime soon.

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      Thank you for the cool RSS reader!

      Could you add a license for your code to your repo, to make it clear that people are welcome to contribute?

      I personally prefer the AGPL. I agree with Bruce Perens saying there are too many licenses creating license compatibility problems. That said, I’m ok with any license approved by the FSF + OSI. (Not that my opinion matters, since I’m just a random dude on the internet.)

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        ah good catch, thanks! i’d been working privately on this so it hadn’t crossed my mind, i’ve added GPL as the license

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          just saw your edit and did some reading about AGPL, that’s much closer to what i need, thank you! i’ll update the license now

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            No problem, I’m very glad to hear that!

            Personally I believe it’s best to use AGPL for everything, even programs that you don’t currently expect to appear on web pages, because you never know what the future might bring. Maybe thin clients will come back, like Google Stadia, and everyone will be running your software from the cloud, and without the AGPL they won’t have access to the source code.

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              You may want to rewrite git history, because now someone could fork bca3ea68e under the GPL.

              (Unless you don’t mind of course.)

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        I like the layout, but I’ve gotta say that “styled after print newspapers” being immediately followed by “now with dark mode” is a brain twister.

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          Think micro-fiche!

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          That looks fantastic. I’m a big fan of rss

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            Nice CSS work! It’s refreshing to see the classic newspaper layout on the web.

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              Very cool.

              An improvement to consider: print media usually delineates paragraphs after the first with an indent. This effect can be achieved site-wide with this CSS:

              p + p {
                text-indent: 2ch;

              Great work!