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Thanks for looking guys. This site has been a side-project/hobby of mine for a while now. The past few days for me have been spent rewriting it from the ground up to be a much better site. I know that there are other beer sites out there, but I think that there is something special about making a service like this freely available and open source, and I’m really proud of what I’ve created.

You can check out the code here: https://github.com/davidcelis/goodbre.ws/

The code that powers the recommendations themselves is here: https://github.com/davidcelis/recommendable/

Any feedback would be nice. This new design is in its infancy but, as far as I can tell, it’s been very stable. If you find a bug, please, please let me know here or post on the issues tracker.

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    Sounds pretty cool, but it looks like the site is down at the moment – looking forward to checking it out!

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      My DNS funds happened to run out at the perfect time. Site’s been up for a few hours now!

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      Can you import data from http://beermenus.com? I’m already got a bunch of beers added there.

      I tried to register but it said my username (jcs) was too short. Boo.

      Also, the link to your twitter account on the homepage of the site goes to an incorrect profile.

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        I don’t have any data import functionality currently. As far as the username thing goes, yeah.. I don’t think there’s actually a good reason to limit the length of that to 4 characters or more. I’ll push an update on that.

        As far as the twitter link goes… Woops… embarrassing…