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    If your talk is recorded and there are questions at the end please be sure to repeat the questions that were asked before replying.
    Great link thanks for posting.

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      Pretty nice slides with some mistakes I’ve seen people make. Sharing this one for Lobsters doing presentations at conferences, etc.

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        As a physics graduate student, I’ve seen all of this done before. Literally all of it.

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          That reference to Bob Geroch’s talk - it seems to be available at https://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/9703019

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            +1 to the Golden Rule.

            Similar advice I’ve gotten: show up early and finish early.

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              In my brief time in a research lab, I got to sit in on a lot of practice talks given to the advisors in preparation for presenting at larger conferences. The feedback almost always boiled down to not clearly answering these questions:

              1. what is the problem?
              2. where do existing solutions fall short?
              3. how can you do better?

              If these 3 things are clear (using tactics like those in the linked deck), the talk will usually go well.

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                The same advice, in standup comedy format.