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    Jason Scott (operator of textfiles.com) has done some great stuff. He currently works for the Internet Archive and has done some great talks on computer history. You can find most of his talks online. He also did a really great documentary of BBSs called “BBS The Documentary” which is well worth a watch. You can find that either on the official website for free or on YouTube.

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      Some good memories in here.

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        How can one protect themselves against unprovoked attacks on their weekend like this?

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          Get a family. Powerful antidote to online time-wasting.

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            Not sure if tongue in cheek advice or opening volley of an epic burn war.

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              Can confirm; I have a family and spend no time online on the weekends.

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          http://www.textfiles.com/art/smileys.txt was my goto smiley cheat-sheet (before this graphical emoji stuff became the norm) - at least when I could remember which floppy I had it stored on ;-)

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            It amuses me that my wife now occasionally needs to explain to younger or less tech savvy relatives - “Oh, those symbols he uses? They’re smileys! It’s because he’s been on the internet since before emoji were a thing.”

            My life goal of becoming a techno-codger is being realized! :)

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              Out of interest, what demographic is this to? Most people I talk to my age know and use character smileys. I’ve always had more trouble using them with my grandparents.

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                Both ends of the spectrum actually. I’ve heard her explaining to both my 8yo niece and my 78 yo mother in law :)

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                  Lol, don’t mention floppies to the 8 year old. Just call em real life save icons.

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                    When we were kids, we walked UP HILL, IN THE SNOW, AND WE LIKED IT! :)

                    Always amusing to me when someone will whine about how their laptop’s 8 core 3Ghz CPU is too slow or that they’re running out of space on their 1TB SSD and I counter-quip about my first computer being an Atari 400 with a membrane keyboard that used cassette storage :)

                    GET OFF MY LAWN!

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                      As an emacs user, I’m just chuckling at all the people complaining about electron text editor ram usage etc…

                      Eight Megs And Constantly Swapping is almost comical now with how much ram some of this stuff uses these days.

                      I could break out my first computer being a 10mhz 286 (I think it was ass who cares how fast it was), but there is always someone out there with a: luxury i programmed the computer from switches and debugged it via smoke signals story of some sort.

                      Also, get off my lawn and all that jazz. The daisies are coming up, and one wouldn’t want trampled daisies.

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                    That’s really interesting.

                    I definitely feel that there’s a difference in sentiment between a smiley and an emoji - to my reading at least. Curmudgeon so be it if that’s what authenticity is called these days :)

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                      Oh I totally agree, but IMO this is a textbook case for where people are missing the cultural context around a thing :)