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    The relationship between tools and workflows

    The talk of ‘workflows’ reminds me of The Tao of Hashicorp.

    What do they mean by ‘medium’?

    ‘Tools’, ‘workflows’, and ‘context’ and their relationships made sense; it was fairly easy for me to see how my experience maps onto these concepts. Not so for ‘medium’.

    The author begins with the following:

    We talk in general terms about Tools for Thought, and I think that term is too vague to be useful.

    I also found the author’s explanation of ‘medium’ too vague to be useful. I think the article would still make sense if all the references to ‘medium’ were removed.

    I think examples would help me here. The author says:

    There are actually many different medium for thinking.

    Such as? A sentence like that should definitely be followed by examples!

    Adding to my confusion, the author seems to contradict themself in the next paragraph:

    Mediums for thinking are in turn mediums for communication and there are actually quite few [mediums for thinking and communication] in all of human history.

    Are there many mediums for thinking, or few mediums for thinking?