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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    First week at new job. Yay! Meeting with my team later and hopefully get a task to work on.

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      Congrats on the new job 🎉

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      Going to a sewing class because I want to know how to make a bag.

      Releasing a pre alpha of my website. The bag is the thing that is giving me hope right now.

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        What is your site about? And let us know how the bag turned out as well ;)

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          It’s an end to end encrypted chat website which tries to codify trustable interactions between identities and social groups.

          Next week’s update will have a picture of the bag :D

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        Trying to relax a little after work-trip while still getting work done, working more on my “what if Rust but simple” programming language, get outside more.

        And maybe try to find the private key for my Dogecoin wallet, since apparently the couple months of mining I did on a whim in 2014 is now worth like 19,000 USD? To someone, for some reason. I don’t have high hopes though, I’m pretty sure the only copy of the private key was on a cell phone that got wiped and recycled. I’m not even mad, I’ve never been That Guy before.

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          Been working on my site almost every week for a while now https://www.unstitched.xyz The idea is to help men learn how to style clothes through experimentation by using capsule wardrobes (You can skip the sign in and see the capsules here - https://www.unstitched.xyz/home ). It’s still early days so I’m still quite embarrassed about it since it doesn’t have all the features I’d like it too.

          I just keep going over it, refining the design or functionality and never really reaching out to people. Maybe it’s the fear of rejection, I don’t know… But I figured this week I should try reaching out to different bloggers and see what they make of it and if they thing it’s actually a useful tool. (If anyone has any tips or advice on how to get over the initial fear of trying to get people to use what you built even if you’re still embarrassed about it, please share :o )

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            So a capsule is like a set of clothes for a specific use case? I like this!

            I’ve been really minimalist for the past, well, however many years. So I can definitely see the appeal. If I want to “do thing” and there’s a recommended minimal (good) set of stuff to do “a thing”, I’d seriously look at it.

            And really minimalist means 2 shirts, 2 pants, x underwear (hey, if you really want to know, I’m not shy about sharing), compact jacket, compact rainjacket, etc. All in all, under 8kg. Happy to share more if that would make a good capsule

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              Yup! That’s pretty much the concept. Users can create capsule’s based on an occasion and can share it with the community (I’ve found most guys seem to shop on a “needs” basis, i.e. need clothes for work, or that date, etc so that was the inspiration). On a personal level, I had also found that if I saw an outfit online, and maybe I didn’t like the jacket I’d struggle to see how else I could wear it, or how to make it work with clothes I already owned. So a capsule gives you a kind of framework where you can swap clothes and make different combinations knowing each combination should work to varying degrees. But user’s can also “stitch” outfits (i.e. ‘like’) So you can see the most popular combos. I’ve created a wardrobe feature as well, with the future intention of allowing users to search for capsules or outfits that contain items they own. I’ve got a lot of features I want to add and it just seems that there are too few hours in a day along with full time work

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              With respect to reaching out, allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

              For what it’s worth, I really like the idea :)

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              • After six months looking for a job and unemployed, signing a permanent contract in a really wanted job which will began in two weeks \o/
              • Preparing myself for the onboarding and stuff
              • Relaxing and take some good time
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                I got my gemini site (HTTP) back up. I’m gonna upload chapters of Spellblade there as soon as I have written them.

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                  Finally launching our decentralized encrypted social network in Peergos which is super exciting.

                  Also lots of gardening now the sun has discovered the UK still exists. More running too to counteract weight gain during lockdown.

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                    • Finished updating my grep book earlier today. Three more books left to be updated, hope to knock another down this week.
                      • Wanted to restart working on a new book last week, but just couldn’t get going despite having plenty of material.
                    • Planning to read Order of the Magi and/or The Spires of Dasny: Dragon Riders School
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                      Where can I find the grep book? I’m mostly using ripgrep these days but always good to learn more about my toolkit

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                        It’s free to read online: https://learnbyexample.github.io/learn_gnugrep_ripgrep/

                        It does have a chapter on ripgrep but I haven’t covered a lot of options that vary from GNU grep. It needs to be a separate book really.

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                      Migrating our codebase at work to use esbuild so that we can move fast without breaking things.

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                        I am going to give literate programming a shot.

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                          Working on my Fallout 2-inspired browsergame NuAshworld (http://nu-ashworld.lamdera.app, source at https://github.com/Janiczek/nu-ashworld-lamdera), currently adding PvM fights as a way to pump money into the economy!

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                            Learning a new Framework for a new internship(Frappe Framework) and Accounting. Accounting is a tad difficult to wrap your head over it.

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                              Trying to interface Mobilizon events with Jekyll. I’m learning ruby in the process.

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                                Working on leveling up my teams planning and collaboration. If you wanna be an Engineering Manager you better prepare yourself for immense pain.

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                                  Working: Second week at the new job! Time for my first impactful contribution!

                                  Personal life: I hope to get some paragliding flying. I just started a course 3 weeks ago and I’m loving it!

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                                    • Building integration between Jina neural search and Rasa chatbots
                                    • Hopefully moving somewhere that isn’t the kind of place that makes people say “ooh lala” in a sad/shocked way (this literally just happened)
                                    • Joining the local hackerspace which seems to be open in spite of the pandemic waging here in Berlin
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                                      Working on a talk about esolangs! And submitting The Crossover Project as a talk to a conf I really like

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                                        Aside from the usual work stuff:

                                        • I’ve got five (!) audiobooks that have somehow stacked up. (Two non-fiction, two history, one fiction)Going to finish at least two of them.

                                        • Nerd Roundup. It’s been a great week so far for tech stories

                                        • I want to do a more code-heavy video. Just need to work out structure and what kinds of quality controls to use. I like doing more code-heavy work but I’m not going to do it if it’s just another rote how-to thing. I’d like something with a lot of code, multiple languages and platforms, and something that supports a larger programming-as-problem-solving concept. We’ll see.

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                                          We’re having a hack-week at work. Haven’t in had one in ages. My project is to see how far I can get on a migration from Mongo to Postgres. I plan to try Hevo for my initial load to Postgres (basically just dumping the Mongo data as-is), then either DBT or AWS Glue DataBrew to clean-up and normalise the data.

                                          I’ve been wanted to clean up our database, and migrate off Mongo, since I started at this company. There’s no way I’ll finish this in a week, but I’m hoping to get a feel for the scale of the work.

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                                            Had the first day back in an office in a year+ for the new project. It was great! The team has a good atmosphere and the project’s interesting, I’m probably going back once or twice this week. And it’s nice to be out of the house and around people, for a change.

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                                              Working on implementing the desktop app for my new cloud service called Greenhouse. The service is going to be similar to pagekite but cheaper, more fully-featured, and more secure by default. The desktop app is an fbs based (python + QT) thing which comes with a background daemon, the background daemon runs caddy server to manage Lets Encrypt TLS certificates and threshold, my TCP reverse-tunnel application. Later on I’ll build a CLI that talks to the same daemon. It has to support mac, windows, and linux.

                                              Plan is to allow everyone, not just “tech wiz” users, to easily own & host websites and servers accessible on the internet from their own home. Self-hosting, so they don’t have to give up ownership of their data and processes to a 3rd party.