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      I ran FreeBSD on one of those! It was the machine where I did most of my early LLVM hacking and was the main machine I used for Étoilé. I’m surprised OpenBSD didn’t support the trackpoint, I thought it showed up as a PS/2 mouse. I didn’t need any explicit config for it in FreeBSD, though it was the worst pointing device that I’ve ever used. I used a PC-Card for WiFi (I vaguely remember that it had an antenna and you could get an internal WiFi card but I never did).

      Mine had 1 GiB of RAM. That and the machine cost £100 (new RAM, second-hand laptop), around 2006. It took an hour and a half to do a clean build of clang, but could do incremental ones fairly fast.

      With the RAM upgrade, it was quite a usable machine. Aside from modern web browsers and big compile jobs, it could do most things I use a computer for today.

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      It’s amazing how these older Thinkpad laptops can still be work horses when running the right OS.