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    Well that’s certainly one of the most emotional talks I’ve heard. I don’t know of this person (I don’t follow FreeBSD much, and I’ve actively avoided whatever the hell “gamergate” is meant to be) but I have huge respect for her, simply for going through with what she knew would be a very emotional public talk. Honestly, I don’t think I could get up in front of a room full of close friends and talk about something that had taken that sort of toll on me.

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      Huh…wasn’t aware that Encyclopedia Dramatica was being more of a shithead than usual. Shame that they’re calling for it to be delisted. :(

      It’s interesting that some of these tools (Carlton, for example) for counter-harassment are being developed–I’m not sure that it’s a good thing. I understand why it’s being done, mind you, but it’s still unfortunate.

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        Holy shit! The trolls managed to send a police SWAT team to her home in hopes of getting the police to shoot her!

        Hearing that was a big shock. It’s quite the murder attempt!