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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      I got laid off today :) My goal is to keep a straight head this weekend.

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        I hope you are able to do that. Be well.

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        If you were laid off, just try to keep in mind that it was a biz problem, not a you problem! I know I focused on what I did wrong when I was let go from a struggling startup, 2 months before my 1-year cliff. Turns out they just needed those RSUs for other investors because we weren’t making money.

        I took a week or two to do stuff around the house, and begin looking. Ended up being the best thing, because I reconnected with a lot of old colleagues, and one was hiring for almost double my previous salary.

        So hang in there!

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        Sorry for you. Hope you find another job quickly!

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          I should be all right. There’s a technical writer job I want to try for, but also something in code cad available. In the end TypeScript / React and Rust devs are pretty in season so I think there’s not much to worry about! (Plus I’m friendly on a personal level :))

          Thanks everyone, much appreciated <3

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      Looptober! A challenge to create a new loop of music every day for the month of October. This’ll be my third time and I couldn’t be more excited to break my Pocket Operators out again.

      Going through more of Hands-On Rust. I’ve read through the book before but this has been my first time actually writing out the code as I go. I have an idea for a truly roguelike game (ASCII and all) and this book was the perfect match.

      That and my regular VR hangout with friends. I would have been so much worse off these last two years if not for that. It’s even been an aid to IRL socializing, having given me more of a chance to practice without all the overstimulation and dysphoria I otherwise have to mask. Volume controls, especially on a person-by-person basis, makes a huge difference.

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      It’s Ludum Dare game jam weekend. Also, there’s an interactive fiction jam which starts this weekend. Maybe I’ll start something, maybe I’ll finish something. :D

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        I was thinking about participating in the Ludum Dare too! Going to try out a new engine (Godot, open source)

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      I am moving out and going to live abroad for the first time. I’m going to Berlin, excited and anxious at the same time!!

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        Welcome to Berlin!

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          Thank you!! 🤗

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        Berlin is a great choice. Good luck with the move!

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          Thanks, appreciate it!

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      The NASA Space Apps Challenge is this weekend. It’s the largest hackathon in the world. I’m judging the Pittsburgh local event.

      I’ll continue writing up the results of the compensation survey I ran this past summer.

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      Hopefully playing around with TIC-80. My brain needs a cache flush.

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        I heard this is a really fun game :)

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      Monday is a holiday in Germany. Spending the long weekend out of town with the whole family.

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      1. Attempting one short run. I am slowly easing back into it after an injury.
      2. Taking advantage of some of the final warm days here by spending time in a swimming pool.
      3. After kvetching last week about frontend JavaScript, coincidentally, I bumped into an advertisement for a free weekend of access to some video courses on VueJS. Will watch a few, and more if they’re good.
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      Learning to simulate circuits using ngspice in KiCad.

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      Finally got the last piece of the puzzle to release a Python package built with Nix into PyPI. Satisfyingly simple once done!

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      My son will be visiting, so I’m guessing we’ll be doing some late night Factorio and 7daystodie.

      Painting during the day.

      Coding up some Ecstasy in between.

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      Just got back from an exhausting work trip, so hopefully relaxing. Playing some games and working on a few side projects.

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      We moved today to the new house. The weekend is going to be unpacking and some more unpacking and unpacking after that

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      Going to implement HTTP to my memory-based database (https://github.com/minsk-dev/gold).

      Next steps:

      • Implement support for GeoJSON formats
      • Implement querying (point/line/polygon/multipolygon inside of polygon/multipolygon)
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      Visiting a friend near Portland, OR.

      Reading Solaris on the plane and before bed.

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      Just did it because I woke up early.

      I’ll be being a dad, relaxing, reading, watching football, and writing a newsletter

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      Preparing for next week when my new job starts. :)

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      • Hopefully debugging what’s going on my Kobo e-reader.
      • Playing around with sveltekit and rust to see if I can cram build artifacts into a single binary (and Rust driving the server experience)
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        I’ve done this. My setup is to use Vite to build/pack the site, the I have a Python script that copies all the files into the Rust source tree, then update a single Rust file with a bunch of include_str macros. Single binary with web server (I use tide) and all the artifacts. It’s pretty neat :-)

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      Putting some new windows in the house. Other than that, I plan to relax. One of the seasonal big pushes at work comes in the next few weeks.

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      I want to wrap up some things before I’m out for surgery, so I’m working a bit over the weekend. Specifically, I’m adding a cache for @import resolution callbacks to my fork of go-libsass, since calling back into go is expensive.

      It’s fun but also frustrating dusting off my rusty C skills.

      Apart from that, I’m going to the local game store in Cambridge to play in a few card game events.