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      I’ve recently shied away from using LaTeX, it simply doesn’t make sense for someone who, like me, publishes most of their documents online. On top of that, even for printed documents I’ve been increasingly writing on my iPad, an platform where LaTeX hasn’t really gotten a foothold. Lastly, I found using custom fonts with LaTeX to be a royal pain in the behind, it seems if you’re not a fan of Computer Modern you’re really out of luck.

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        It really depends where you’re applying. Back four or five years ago while I was still in my studies, crafting a Latex CV or Latex letters served me well when I applied to my engineering school and internships. Each time the recruiters mentioned the Latex document I sent them.

        Latex is immediately recognizable, it can be one of the little things that can grab attention in a stack of hundreds CVs. But this makes sense only in a context where Latex is known and valued.

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        It doesn’t have to: http://kieranhealy.org/vita.pdf

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      I’ve found this to be very useful for crafting a ‘handsome’ resume from a bit of Markdown.