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    If you let it run to completion your web browser will run slightly faster for a while.

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      Hrm, from the visualization, isn’t it overwriting files? :( Didn’t defrag move files around (the light blue squares) into other areas so that it could write them back contiguously? Dark blue overwriting light blue caused me to twitch slightly.

      Sorry to be a pedant. In my mis-spent youth, smoking a joint and watching defrag was one of my favorite pass-times.

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        Yep, I noticed this as well. Pretty good simulator otherwise, though.

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          The biggest disappointment is that the audio is just a loop and not synthesized based on disk activity and geometry.

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            This is deeply satisfying.

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              Heh, the “makes noise” reminded me of the odd squeak the hard disk in my first PC emitted, particularly when it was being defragged. Ah, my Seagate ST-225 - I remember it fondly :)

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                I had a 10MB hard drive “card” for my Tandy 1000SX that often sounded like furniture being dragged across a floor. It also made the most satistiying “chunk!” sound when you ran the park command.

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                  Haha! I remember having to park the heads - mine probably made a very similar sound to yours when I parked them. Those were the days :)

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                Much quicker than it used to be on my old machine!