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      I have some quick notes on other query languages here, if you’re into that sort of thing: https://jitl.notion.site/Databases-9b6be2d6d2ea48689b13ef3e8da1db47

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        I agree, PRQL are not improving the semantics of SQL in any way. But their syntax is better, and their support for functions (which I didn’t test, but at least it exists) already puts it miles ahead of SQL.

        I still feel it’s behind https://github.com/erezsh/Preql in many ways :)

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        You should submit your notes!

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      I’ve sent this to several folks at work. Each and every one are excited by the straightforward and composable way this lets you build queries.

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      I recently added some thoughts about type checking to the issue tracker which is a part of this project that I am fairly excited about. In general the team seems fairly smart and welcoming so I can see this being a great project to follow.