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    The point about taking an active role as an ally to women in tech is so important. Women in tech already feel a bit isolated because there are so few of them. If they point out an issue and have no support, even when others silently agree, their opposition just assumes the only person who has a problem is the woman in question and if you can get her to shut up, the problem is solved.

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      Something that has started bugging me recently is how any time someone mentions women in computer science, they mention Grace Hopper.

      Note that I’m not trying to diminish her accomplishments, which were profound and fundamental. Rather, I’m wondering if it might start making people think that there was only one woman who ever did anything for computer science, and thus create a perception that women are even more rare/less welcome than one might otherwise think.

      If another woman is mentioned, I feel like 99% of the time it’s Ada Lovelace, who again made fundamental contributions but again plays into the conception that (a) there were only two great female computer scientists and (b) they’re both dead.

      What about Barbara Liskov or Adele Goldberg, or anyone else? Show the world that there are many women who have made many contributions to the field. Always bringing out the same one (or at best two) women makes me almost feel like people will just gloss over it because it makes them think that there just aren’t any more.