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    That giant 150 line switch statement must have massive mccabe score. Also not sure this class is really a type in the concept of OO. Why does a BitCoin know how to write out plain text HTM? Also the queries in a loop rankle me, but whatever. I’ve written my share of questionable code, so not really judging, just noting. ;\

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      I totally agree with the sentiment about writing questionable code, all great engineers have done it.

      But with 700,000 BTC on the line I’m going to lean towards trying to make the code as ‘unquestionable’ as possible. That probably would’ve been a good idea. It would probably be cool to see what kind of approach Mt.Gox took towards testing.

      I’m still an intermediate engineer, I should probably also leave the judging to the masters.

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        Mt. Gox was a $400M company that pushed most changes live without a testing environment.

        Using God classes and plenty of mutable state makes it near impossible to unit test.