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    That was a fun read! I was rooting for Sprocket just to see what ingenuity would arise from both sides.

    It’s interesting to see how other people use their skill set solve problems. I would have probably tried to make some sort of electronically actuated trap door over the chute, and hook that into the conveyor belt circuit. This person knows how to bend and weld steel, so they made it literally bulletproof. Nice.

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      Psst, I think it may be a female.

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        Shit! I’m usually good at paying attention…thanks

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      I love everything about this: iterating one’s way to an absurd overkill solution to a problem caused by technology adoption, an adorable cat causing problems on video, and the Fury Road references.

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        You have a gas line to your clothes dryer?!?

        That was great, it really turned out quite steampunk at the end.

        It’s a pity we live in such a mass produced, cheap plastic world where price is put above even basic functionality. It’s like they said, this is the bare minimum which will be fine for 30% of cats, if we add metal, extra weights, or guards we’ll break the budget.

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          1. What even is this question about? :)

          2. Yeah a lot of dryers use a gas flame to provide the high heat needed for drying. That’s why it’s important to clean the lint trap, otherwise the pile of lint can catch fire. It’s freaky, but it is what it is.

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            Original commenter is probably not in America - I’m in the UK and I’ve never seen that let alone heard of it.
            All ours are electric.

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              I think it was this line:

              She might retaliate by chewing through the gas line on the dryer or something.

              I was wondering too!

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            The weakness is the conveyor system.

            They should have made a hopper feed with a gate so the conveyer belt is empty after each dispensing. That would have solved all the problems encountered.

            As is it would have been easier to use a grate to block entrance to the belt and weigh down the machine with sand bag that’s water (read: cat piss) proof.

            Metal working takes way more effort than alternatives.

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              As is it would have been easier to use a grate to block entrance

              Possibly, depending on the food. It might just result in blockage of the chute. I got the feeling that was why they used just a pin.

              Metal working takes way more effort than alternatives.

              Given the kind of stuff they had on their junk pile, and the look of the finished product, I got the impression they rather liked metalwork so that it was more effort than the alternatives probably wasn’t a concern. The result looks better than I imagine the machine with a sandbag perched on top would look. And who knows, maybe the cat would claw a hole in the sandbag?