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As a number of stack/concatenative language posts I’ve made today have made it to the front page, I thought it appropriate to submit the factor programming language which, if you are looking to get starting with a language in the Forth family is imo, your best modern option.


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    For anyone (like me) asking “Is Factor even still a thing?”, they had a release today. :)


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      Which includes a rewritten Redis client I contributed. Factor is actually surprisingly great for web development.

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        Key word being surprising? :) I saw you’d done something, wondered what it was. Very nice.

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          I’d love to see some “real world” examples of Factor. I’ve played with it a few times but never bothered to expend the effort for fluency.

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            Would a semi-toy example that allowed you to search an offline Gmail cache via Elasticsearch and a website count? I gave a talk on doing all of that in Python recently; it’d be really easy to translate it to Factor, and demonstrates a lot of components (HTTP client, JSON parsing and generation, email parsing, simple web sites, etc.).

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              Yes, that’d be great!

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        Unfortunately there aren’t many good learning resources for Factor. There’s the built-in documentation and a small tutorial, but for advanced features, you’re on your own.

        I’ve written a small blog post (that is outdated now because of the Twitter API changes) which is hopefully helpful for first steps: http://yfl.bahmanm.com/Members/Gertm/posts/factor-example-program

        And there’s a post on adding Factor support to Textadept by Michael Richter: http://yfl.bahmanm.com/Members/ttmrichter/yfl-blog/adding-textadept-support-to-factor