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      Not really a blog, but https://lwn.net/ by far. Some of the best reporting on current events regarding Linux. Also the only site where I pay to read articles, well worth it.

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        only site where I pay to read articles


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      https://rachelbythebay.com/w/ has a lot of sysadmin / “SRE” content by someone with a lot of experience (and a bit of snark.)

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        Opened this to second this. Very good insights (though there’s a lot of opinions, it’s clearly coming from a place of knowledge). Almost every post leads me to re-evaluating stuff around me to good effect.

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      Posts from https://utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/blog/ are frequently posted here.

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        Forgot to mention that Chris writes a post every day (very few exceptions).

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      http://undeadly.org for anything OpenBSD-related

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        About Dragonfly, but actually covering all BSDs to some degree.


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          The weekly bsd and then one day later the weekly “cool stuff from the internet” are one of the posts I look forward to everyone week!

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            Absolutely. They manage to be the highlight from my tracked rss these days, quite often.

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          I second this.

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      Julia Evans https://jvns.ca has a cheerful and curious tone that is always fun to read.

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      A lot of good ones have been mentioned like Wandering Thoughts blog and kmandla’s blog.
      Here are some quality blogs with thoughtful ideas (the ones I can remember right now):

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        Arabesque’s Unix as IDE posts (from 8 years ago) were really formative for me. Great to see that blog is still alive and kicking.

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          Arabesque’s ed posts made fall in love with ed. It is not a joke or sarcasm, I really take time from now and them to think about interaction design of a line editor what could be gained from. It is mostly useless in practice but I just keep doing it for the fun and pleasure.

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        venam’s own blog has many deep dives into unixy topics: https://venam.nixers.net/blog/

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      Solene’s percent - Solene is an OpenBSD developer who dabbles in NixOS and often writes about it her experiences in both!

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      They haven’t updated in a while, and are unlikely to, but https://kmandla.wordpress.com/ and https://inconsolation.wordpress.com/

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      Luke Smith on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/c/LukeSmithxyz/playlists) has some great videos on Linux software.

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      No FreeBSD blogs? :(

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      Planet Debian is obviously Debian focused, but members post on other interesting topics too, https://planet.debian.org/

      Following the local timeline of Fosstodon on Mastodon yields a lot of high quality technical posts and blog links, https://fosstodon.org/public

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      OT but it feels like it fits here – this is a big-ole’ emacs blogger mashup: https://planet.emacslife.com/

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      https://planet.virt-tools.org/ -> planet with main topic on virtualization on linux.

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      Not exactly a blog but fun to browse distros.

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      I recently came across this: https://frontpagelinux.com/