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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    I’m going to continue on making my weed delivery app.

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      Trying to get a pile of work stuff done quickly for a hardware test on Thursday. And trying to not gnaw the head off of the project lead who talks too much.

      Should probably make sure some self-care happens somewhere in there.

      Mourning my dead cat. She was the best girl.

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        Ugh…I’m sorry to see needing self-care and the loss of a pet in the same paragraph. I wish you the best in the coming days! I know I am an internet stranger but feel free to reach out if need be.

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          Sorry to hear about your cat :^( I lost my dog last year, and it was rough.

          Remember to take it easy this week!

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          On holiday with my family :-)

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            Trying to set up a nixos host for my tiddlywiki, website etc, on Vultr. The docs aren’t great though. I just want the various services to be reproducible. Otherwise just do it on Void, as God intended.

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              Moving! New flat, new cat, and a place to practice woodworking at home. Can’t wait!

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                Trying to keep my sanity in the New World as I await the weekend.

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                  I want to build something to help reduce doom scrolling by automating more of it. If anyone has requests/ideas in this vein, please share.

                  My initial feeling is to kind of build a more programmable feed reader that can pull from more sources than just RSS (e.g. news aggregators like lobsters/hn/reddit, also twitter) and does some basic aggregation and filtering to surface topics that are particularly discussed that day, and maybe convert that into a daily newsletter. I’d love to get to a point where I trust my doomscroller to be better at doomscrolling than I am, so that I can “let go” better.

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                    Not a direct input, but I thought this article by Aaron Schwartz was interesting. http://www.aaronsw.com/weblog/hatethenews

                    That being said I am a doomscroller too and don’t practice this, but maybe I should try.

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                      Good share, thanks. I remember this piece from a long time ago but have forgotten it.

                      I can’t say I agree with it entirely–I don’t believe that news and policy is a closed system, having a representative audience is super important for it to operate (like a kind of currency/power behind the publication). But at the same time, I do agree with a lot of points like daily news is actively harmful, and weekly or longer intervals are probably much more appropriate.

                      One other thing I fear regarding politics vs news is that news is usually the consequences of political choices. It’s hard to say you can be an informed voter just by reading a short guide and while remaining unaware of the consequences of your choices years down the line. But of course one thing Aaron never touched on is how broken news is today, how many news organizations around the world are owned by just several billionaires. It’s certainly a tricky and evolving subject that I think we’re all still learning how to navigate appropriately.

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                      I deleted my FB/IG and barely use Twitter anymore. My workflow is:

                      1. Read RSS (I use Feedly and have subscribed to dozens of sources). I either read pieces as I’m checking my feed, or send them to Instapaper to read later.
                      2. Export from Instapaper to Kindle (10 at a time)
                      3. Read longer pieces on Kindle

                      I do not trust automation in step 1 - I’m ruthless about keeping my RSS subscriptions to sources that I like, trust, and can manage (aka not the default nytimes feed for example).

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                        At what point do you decide to post comments on lobsters? Is that via an RSS summary? Or is that part of another workflow?

                        I do want something that is friendly to some amount of engagement.

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                        Have you considered looking into Huginn? It has a bit of a learning curve but is worth it. I use Huginn to automate daily digest emails containing:

                        • Posts from instagram accounts I’m interested in (I haven’t done instagram in years)
                        • My current crypto portfolio value, broken down by token
                        • New Rental properties in parts of Ireland I’m interested in moving to
                        • The number of COVID cases detected in the past 24 hours in my neighbourhood
                        • Massively underpriced flights and large Amazon discounts (the latter gets fed into my Amazon discount site I’m building)

                        I also use Huginn to take in lobsters, hn and reddits I’m interested in, filter out the top and generate an RSS feed that goes into RSS Bot. I then use Wallabag to bookmark interesting things for later, the starred RSS for which goes back into the daily digest and I use for the links in my Tales From The Dork Web newsletter that comes out once a fortnight.

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                          I haven’t heard of huginn, thanks for the lead! Definitely looks in the realm of what I was imagining.

                          How long have you been using it? Any noteworth changes to your day-to-day lifestyle/workflow since then? Has it helped much with the doomscrolling vibes?

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                            I completely shut out instagram with it. Most of my Twitter activity is automated.

                            I use it less to avoid doomscrolling and more for not having to sort through things I visit by hand. You could use an RSS feed with Google alerts, pull each page, check sentiment then put everything that has a certain positive or higher score into a digest though. I do find I spend more time picking up stuff when I want to than obsessiveley checking for new things.

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                        continuing to build a gym ball wood fired oven. The mold is done, all that is left to do is the cement!

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                          • At work I porting a Python 2 / Django 1.8 to a more modern Python 3.6 and Django 2.2 (latest LTS)

                          • The rest of the time I am still working with arew, the goal is to have a documentation system working in two weeks.

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                            My wife and I picked up some houseplants that a neighbour was giving away. We’re repotting them as the roots are overgrown and escaping out the bottom. We’ll need to cut the pots in a few cases.

                            I’m also trying to keep up with the pace of writing one article per week.

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                              What are you finding is the hardest part of writing an article each week?

                              1. 1

                                The hardest part is probably coming up with an idea that I believe in.

                                I often come up with the title first. I try to think of something that I would click on 100% of the time — basically, writing what I want to read.

                                Sometimes, I like writing articles for one person. If someone asks me a hard question, or if I’m mentoring someone who is building something, then I can write as if it’s a letter to that person on how to overcome their current obstacle.

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                              Still working on gzdoom-discordrpc.

                              I’ve restructured it, added support for LZDoom, and changed around quite a bit of code.

                              Once I figure out how the heck regex works, I could eliminate a significant amount of the codebase, as well as all positional args. Because I currently search for specific strings based on the positional args given to the program (e.g. engine and game).

                              I also need to get around to renaming it to zdoom-discordrpc that way it actually makes sense since it supports more than just GZDoom now.

                              Besides that, I’m trying to figure out what cord I actually need for an old GPU. I just got a new Windows PC along with a KVM switch, however I found out the Windows PC has no GPU in it. I have an old 512MB AMD one from around a decade ago, but the port it uses is really weird and I can’t find any info on it. Still, any GPU is better than no GPU. So once I figure it out I’ll buy whatever cords I need. I’m really loving this setup though. I feel like a hacker from television or movies that have those awesome setups where they can click a button and switch between stuff. I may or may not have pressed the button like 300 times by now.

                              Update: I have found the cord needed sitting on a shelf next to me. Sometimes I feel like I’m blind, specifically to what I’m looking for at the time. Still have no idea what type of port it uses though. It’s like some type of weird DVI.

                              Update 2: Turns out the port is called DMS-59. It’s like some sort of weird proprietary DVI I think.

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                                I recently watched the movie ‘Memory Games’. One of the competitors in the movie, Nelis Dellis, wrote a book called ‘Remember It!’ which I am trying to finish this week. Lots of interesting memory tricks I want to practise.

                                Other than that Im making my way through all the Studio Ghibli movies that came to netflix recently. I finished Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Howls Moving Castle. Im watching Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind tonight.

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                                  We’ve hit a good stride at work recently, so I’m going to try and keep that up! Outside of work, this week I’m going to really focus on getting my news aggregation site going with better topic tagging functionality and practice the guitar more. I’ve got the intro to Reelin’ in the Years down, so nothing’s stopping me at this point.

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                                    I just finished the 2020 GMTK Game Jam with a friend, so I’ll be rating other submissions over the week.

                                    My wife and I are doing an art challenge together, which is a good excuse to practice my pixel art. Other than that and work, I plan on taking things slower this week.

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                                      Very cool! Do you have any prior experience with pixel art? I find it a bit daunting.

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                                        I do. I’ve made a few game jam games with it, and have used it off and on over the years. In fact, my Lobster’s avatar is my own work.

                                        If you’re going to get into it, a few small tips are to think of it more like sculpting than drawing, and to start with some reference imagery, if you’re trying to draw something from real life. Also, I typically use 16x16 or 32x32 sprites as a starting point. Also, doing a bit of googling on how to do it can help, there’s some good resources on how to do it. The biggest thing you need to do is shed the idea of everything having a black outline, at least at low resolutions.

                                        If you’re going to get into Pixel Animation, I recommend picking up Asperite (or a program like it, I’ve also used Pyxel edit, but I like Aspterite better). Having a dedicated program for testing your animations is handy, and will save you turn-around time.

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                                          Thanks for the tips! The idea of sculpting vs drawing is especially helpful.

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                                      I’ll be continuing to work on my art exhibition/gallery application.

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                                        I’m planning to stop developing new features and focus on the “what’s not working right now” list for my project, so that it becomes more usable for people other than myself.

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                                          Work is helping out with a new product launch, then back to taxes and longer term billing things.

                                          Home is finishing the wall-to-wall shelves in the home office. Knape & Voigt standards are on the walls, shelves are cut to size and stained, so all that’s left is two coats of poly, then loading them with all the books that have occupied the living room since we moved in.

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                                            More Kubernetes migrations :) outside of work I might redesign my blog again

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                                              I bought a dad jokes twitter account last week for £23. I’m going to build a database of painful dad jokes. I’ll use this to build a dad joke website/app and merch. While I will monetise the account in time, I want to do it in a lightweight, relevant and responsible way. I also want to automate elements of joke curation once I have it up and running, possibly through voting. It’s more an experiment than anything else.

                                              On the day job side this week I’m overhauling a customer’s Ahrefs account so the site audits work properly, and investigating Quora as a marketing tool. Quora is heavily abused, but I also think it’s massively underserved for projects solving genuine problems.

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                                                I’m working on a project in Angular and learning how to integrate Firebase/Firestore with it. Besides that, I’m planning on visiting my uncle, who was diagnosed ~1.5 months ago with a Glioblastoma and is now undergoing his second week of chemo. He was the very reason I became interested in computers when I was younger and was like a second father to me, so it’s been quite difficult for me on a mental and emotional level. Just trying to get any work done has been extremely challenging lately, but I have to try.

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                                                  Continue updating my book. Hope to finish it by this weekend or early next week. Started exploring converting the book to an interactive course as well.

                                                  Finish ‘The Starless Sea’ (about 150 pages left, but it is slow going).