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Heya lobsters,

Monday it is, a new week!

I’m going to work on performance of my rails app this week. I just started reading through the documentation of Skylight a profiling tool for rails apps.

Has anyone used Skylight before? Please share your experience or notes of it. How does it compare with New Relic for profiling capabilities? Skylight seems friendlier on pricing but newrelic is well known.

Also what are you working on this week? Feel free to share and seek help/advice if you want.

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    After 15 years on Linux I could not take it anymore and have started to migrate to OpenBSD: http://git.uggedal.com/obsdenv/tree/

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      I switched my VPS from Arch Linux to FreeBSD last week. I’m in love.

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        Could you talk about what you love? I have actually considered doing what you have. I love Debian, but want to try BSD as well and see the differences.

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          • Going from rolling release distribution to a more stable environment was a big plus
          • FreeBSD has a wealthy amount of release information (they’ll tell you what they’re planning and when to expect it)
          • The package manager (pkg) has been a very simple, yet powerful tool that I’ve gotten used to over the last few weeks
          • Packages seem to be easier to setup and are cleaner (I haven’t verified this). I hate that Arch Linux has to have two separate entities, “official packages” and “AUR packages”… This is a frustrating model, in my opinion.
          • FreeBSD takes their security very seriously – they have a page dedicated information on security here
          • They have excellent documentation
          • They have an excellent handbook
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        I would be using NetBSD right now, save for the fact that ghc isn’t stable, the haskell ecosystem is terrible. Now that I think about it, I could probably just run linux VMs on a simple and secure NetBSD host.

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        I’m working on housecat, a static site generator I’m writing in C: http://git.mort.coffee/mort/housecat

        It’s mostly an effort to learn and become familiar with C, but my personal blog also needs a new static site generator, so I hope to be able to move it to housecat eventually.

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          This reminds me of the time I decided to make a web server from scratch in C without using any third party libraries :) I got a very basic http parser rolling as well basic controllers and a basic templating system, which would be compiled into .h files, in such a way that you would have a single binary for your entire web application (inspired by something I read somewhere (rumour?) that amazon was a (single?) executable with > 1GB). Some day i’ll push it to github, if I ever find it …


          For some reason I still had the VM lying in my old laptop: https://github.com/rjmacready/tinyhn It’s very incomplete, but it works :)

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          Still working on my language, Kropaya. Still in the bootstrapping stage. Code is at https://github.com/flaviusb/kropaya.

          Going back over some semantics stuff to do with typing judgements, modules, and equality, which will probably result in a bunch of changes to the language.

          Then, I’ll be going back to writing the parser and a basic evaller for a minimal subset of the language in emacs lisp. I really don’t like elisp, but it has a few really nice properties - it is long term stable, is reasonably powerful, and is already on most devs machines.

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            This week, I hope to get the PureScript 0.7.5 compiler release finished off, and for $work, I’m looking into Haskell’s wonderful inline-c package to integrate our internal Haskell packages with some C imaging libraries. This is my first time using Haskell’s FFI, and so far, it’s been a great experience.

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              Pushed out a new release of Haskell Programming, pushed up new feedback. Currently working on Reader, State, and Parsers. Book is up to 912 pages and is about 70% content complete now.

              Working on a community-maintained version of cis194. Currently porting it to vanilla Hakyll.

              Teaching a class for the local Haskell meetup at the end of the month, using the open cis194 course.

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                I gave the first conference talk I’ve given in years yesterday at The Redecentralize conference in London: youtube video, which was great fun (It was about IPFS). This week I’m trying to get cracking on the tour of Peergos.

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                  • giving a talk about Rust at a conference
                  • investigate rumprun + rust
                  • more stdlib docs
                  • work on the secret project. I’ve bought the domain…

                  Has anyone used Skylight before?

                  I haven’t used it myself, but am good friends with the Tilde crew, and they generally know what they’re doing. It’s also special to me because Skylight was one of the earliest uses of Rust in production :)

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                    Trying to become more active in online communites again, so uh, Hi Lobsters!

                    On the coding side I’ve been wanting to write something in C so I started working on a rudimentary (unfinished) X window switcher, tabover. Most tiling window managers don’t have an alt-tab window switching feature in the traditional sense where you can tab through a list of open windows. I figured that if I want it my way I’d have to write it myself.

                    Also been thinking about working on another unfinished project, pin, a pinboard CLI client written in Go. It’s something I use occasionally and wonder why the hell I did some things the way I did.

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                      Just got back from two weeks of vacation, and now getting caught back up and into the swing of things.

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                        Trying to get the base of our application to build on windows so I can boot back over to linux and do the fun stuff. The plan is to replace Electron + our daemon + a huge java server daemon-like thing with a pure haskell solution. I have the base of it working just fine but I don’t dare just say ‘naw, I’ll make it build later’ and go off and write the rest of the support code until I know it will build on windows.

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                          We are revisiting versioning schemes for a GUI library and an audio synthesizer. Versioning ties in with package names in distributions, ABI guarantees, API breakage, versioned binary names to allow parallel installations of multiple releases and whatnot… And googeling on the net turns up a million contradictive opinions, from semver.org to “always use dates”.

                          Here is our current take on things, comments welcome: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rapicorn/M69DlAx61YE

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                            Still upgrading to reactive-banana 1.0.0. Shift from union to unionWith is complete. The type change of accumB and friends is current pain. I’m sure the solution is easy and I’m probably making it harder than it has to be.

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                              ~Personal: Putting my little static site generator, pydozer, through its paces. So far it’s generating one site, and half of another. Should get another one this week. https://github.com/todpunk/pydozer I’m less pleased than ever with python’s file/directory IO interfaces. Not very cross platform friendly with permissions and such.

                              Also learning about the modern web advertising landscape. It’s very weird, and people will still pay SO much to get someone to click a thing, even after all these years we’ve been doing this. Yet we still don’t know if it works very well.

                              ~Work: I’ll be moving into someone else’s Angular code at work, trying to get some new features for our app going. I’m not as comfortable in front-end as I am back-end and architecture, but the needs are front-end right now, so I’ll meet them.

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                                This week:

                                • It’s open enrollment week, so looking over benefits.
                                • Continuing development of the internal CSS framework, but now with two more people working on it! :-)
                                • Setting up basic Cucumber testing of an Angular application, possibly with webdriver.io.
                                • Possibly writing up a basic introduction to using sass-lint
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                                  Work and Work-related:

                                  • Continue performance testing, bug fixing, and tuning the Riak-Mesos Framework
                                  • Tweak org-mode LaTeX export to PDF to have nicer work status reports


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                                    Tweak org-mode LaTeX export to PDF to have nicer work status reports

                                    Yeah, this is on my list, too. I may try to squeeze the Tufte LaTeX package into the chain as well. If I have nothing interesting to say, I might as well say it beautifully.

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                                      Yeah, I haven’t touched LaTeX since university a dozen years ago, so I’m not looking forward to this.

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                                    This week, I need to figure out if the OpenCL caffe build chain is more trouble than writing something to port models to a different framework would be. My guess is “maybe”. I’m also setting up some sort of framework for writing fast image transformations, probably in C++, to help the people I work with run experiments on various approaches to improving the performance of basic image recognition tasks in a power constrained environment.

                                    Otherwise, not a lot else going on. I was going to spend some energy on various house cleaning tasks – reducing my overall exposure to the Apple services ecosystem; teaching my wife about 1Password; investigating the state of Windows DAW software – but I caught a bit of a cold this weekend so I’m just going to sit in front of the fire tonight and watch election results and practice guitar.

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                                      investigating the state of Windows DAW software

                                      Reaper (http://www.reaper.fm/) is still my fave DAW for Windows and they recently released a new major version (5.0).

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                                        Thanks – I’ll check it out. I use Logic on the Mac, but I like to keep my options open.

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                                      I’m working this week on testing MOAI 1.7 framework with a bunch of titles, and getting things tested well enough to push things out of beta. Fun times with an engine when you’ve got a few things to run through it..

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                                        I’m working on building a new desk. So far I have this draft in sketchup.

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                                          Hacktoberfest has resulted in many PRs to Prometheus, so I’ll be releasing all the java components as there’s some good improvements in there. Rest of the week is a wash as I’m giving a talk in another country, helping out with a weekend conference and an all-day startup thingy.

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                                            • Working on a top to bottom monitoring plan for upcoming projects and how that will work with our hybrid cloud and DevOps tool sets.
                                            • Create hiring plan for upcoming projects
                                            • Delving deeper into Elixir and Phoenix on my usual CMS setup to learn a language and platform
                                            • Testing out dynamic Routers for Phoenix to support my “plugin” system for the CMS
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                                              In my free time I’m currently working on a new open-source project to add (almost) native support for algebraic data types (aka: sum types / tagged unions) in Java (via annotation processing). I would welcome some review of the readme: https://github.com/derive4j/derive4j from experienced FPers and feedbacks on feature set / generated api. eg. https://github.com/derive4j/derive4j/issues/8

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                                                Gonna be trying to make it so that they let me work on the cool number-crunching project at work.

                                                Also this is my last probation day. If they don’t fire me today they have to keep me around for a while! Yay! Unless they fire me today then not-yay! I should be fine though. That part always makes me nervous.

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                                                  What are you using for number crunching? I am always looking for potential Octave customers. :-)

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                                                    It’s probably gonna be a Hadoop thing, from the looks of it. And by Octave you mean this? https://www.gnu.org/software/octave/

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                                                      That is what I meant, yes.

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                                                  Spent most of my computer time last weekend staring into the internals of puppet trying to figure out why the most basic config wasn’t being sent from my master node to the agent node. Turns out to use puppet environments you need to set the environmentpath config option on the master. Guess what I was missing… (which in turn meant that puppet master was trying to read from /etc/puppet/manifests which didn’t exist because I was using environments. Yeah.)

                                                  Now that little hiccup is behind me, on to getting more fun things set up within the LAN. Upgraded the EdgeRouter Lite’s internal USB stick from 4GB to 32GB, so next step is to get a tftp and/or http server on there to start net booting other things from it. Also need to switch everything that currently expects a puppet apply to have the agent running on there pulling from the (now working) puppetmaster.

                                                  However, I’m spending half the week visiting the office up in Edinburgh, so I imagine most of that will be on hold whilst I expand my palate at the whisky society instead.

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                                                    Personal: Today, I added SPF, DKIM and DMARC and re-enabled spamd, on my personal mail server. Seems to work fine (10/10 in mail-tester), I will update the DMARC policy to ‘reject’ once I’m positive that there are no false positives. I tried adding SSL via clouflare to my github-hosted blog, but I didn’t like the overall experience.

                                                    The rest of the week I’ll be working on my tarsnap notification gem, I’m in the process of complete re-write actually, don’t know how long is gonna take. I’m also writing a RoR application which is coming up nicely so far.

                                                    Professional: Trying to submit my thesis to the study office, preparing for the state exams (5 exams in 1 go) for December (~3 to 8 hours per day) :-)

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                                                      Taking the lead on a small project for my school’s administration, basically it’s a simple webapi to manage tutoring easier. We dont know if were building it in javascript or php yet. The plan is to open source it for other school if it works.

                                                      I’ve just been having a lot of trouble setting up a repository on gitlab, so if anybody has an idea why the project wiki repo would get entangled with project repo, contact me!