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A little library I’ve been hacking on in my spare time. Feedback is appreciated!


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    Great work! Needs a “show” tag. Excited about using the HashMap and Set in my lisp implementation.

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      Awesome, I’ll try this out in a project I’m working on and see how it performs against the native structures there.

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        Next step Go-lisp!

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          Way ahead of you.


          Although this library will be useful for adding better data structures to the language. I was thinking of adding immutable dictionaries and sets. This will save me from having to implement them myself.

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            Glad someone may find it useful :) Let me know if there’s anything missing from it that you feel you’d like to have. I don’t want to clutter the primary package up too much, but I wouldn’t be adverse to having a seq-extra sub-package with community requested functionality.

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          Could you document the time/space complexity of the different structures and operations?

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            I did time-complexity on most (I think) of them, although the ones based on Set are tentative. I’ll try to flesh it out a bit more though in the next day or so hopefully.