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      I think it’s really cool how in the past five years you’ve become an expert in implementing crypto.

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        I’m just waiting for a book describing Monocypher to come out, similar to how BLAKE and BLAKE2 were described in a book.

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          Like this book? Oh my, that would be so much work… I do see myself cobbling together everything about Monocypher into a PDF, but turning it into a coherent whole would be another matter entirely. I’ll think about it, but right now I confess I have other priorities:

          • I’m must resume work on Monokex, my Noise clone. I want to add Elligator support, make key derivation more robust against side channels, and check that the implementation matches the specs.
          • Now that Monocypher supports PAKE, I’ll have to actually implement them.
          • I want to write a file encryption tool. It’s why I wrote Monocypher in the first place.
          • I will have to tackle networking at some point. The glimpses I’ve had so far showed me this is not trivial.