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    Nice conversation about build systems.

    I’m impressed by the podcast transcript, it makes it so much easier to absord the content rather than listening for 1 hour. I wish it was more common (for instance some talks seem interesting but only available as hours long videos).

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      Yes, indeed. The transcript is very nice (especially if you’re not used to audio podcast format). Really good job here.

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      This is such a valuable and insightful quote:

      the problem is that the old software is not someone’s idea of the right answer converted into code. It is a knowledge base which has accumulated 25 years of various different people’s ideas about how to get this or that problem solved. And migrating to a new thing isn’t just about building the new thing, it’s an archaeology expedition where you have to go in and dig deep and extract that knowledge or re-solve the problems from scratch and that’s why these projects that seem relatively straightforward can take years.

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        Yeah, I spelunked a few old codebases in the past to try and understand them and it does feel a lot like archeology, especially when the code is not in a buildable state or you’re missing crucial information like external documentation. You really start to appreciate commit messages and the comments people used to put in the file headers before VCS were widespread and old mailing lists.

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        I usually do not listen to podcast, but really enjoyed this recording. Thanks a lot, guys!