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    No, he is not the sole user. There are a few of use SPITBOL users scattered around. There is even a Yahoo group: snobol@yahoogroups.com (perhaps a sign of our longevity).

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      Looks like he’s still at it, but doesn’t currently have an ARM port: http://daveshields.me/

      Also seems like he gave up on NASM and switched to gas, basically in order to get better debugger support.

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        Huh. I wish the guy luck!

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          I read this a few weeks ago and it prompted me to read around on the guy’s site and writings, and I found it all quite moving. Time marches on, colleagues, collaborators pass away, eventually nothing beside remains … Just saw it was picked by, uh, Motherboard: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/this-70-year-old-programmer-is-preserving-an-ancient-coding-language-on-github