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    What? No links at all to these fabulous text only websites?

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      You’re right! I can’t believe I forgot that “detail”. I will update the article when I get home. Sorry about that! Thanks for pointing this out.

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      Funny thing is that wttr.in works even better on the command line if you use curl. It’ll return text/plain results with ANSI escape sequences for color. The power of text! :)

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        I think it’s a good thing text only websites are getting a bit more trendy again.

        A couple of months ago I was pondering how to make the web a bit more accessible for text only browsers. I even looked into combining Firefox’s readability view with something like elinks. I wish I was a better developer and would be able to create something like that myself, but I kind of gave up. I’m even hoping someone else has the same idea and knowledge to pull something like that off with the renewed text only movement.

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          This is interesting. But between HTTPs and being lynx friendly, I’d choose the former.

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            I’m not sure where you got the idea lynx doesn’t support https, but it does.

            There are a few text based browsers that support more modern features as well. Elinks for example has mouse support and tabs. Links2 also supports graphics, even in framebuffer mode. So technically your OS is text only, you can still browse in graphics mode.

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              Do you know why this viewpoint is so common? SSL works fine on my machine™, but I hear this complaint a lot from people. Earlier comment source

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                That might be an explanation. I never had any issue with it TBH, and I’m one of those people who have a/multiple text based browsers installed on my machine by default and regularly try out another distro. It sounds it’s just a packaging issue on some versions.

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              Glad you liked my article!

              I don’t use Lynx more than a few times a month (this was a thought experiment, mostly). My understanding of the SSL issues in Lynx is that it is related to how the distros configure OpenSSL. I never bothered looking deeper into the matter, but have heard from users on HN that it is possible, it’s just not the default on most [Debian based?] systems.

              If someone out there does use Lynx on a regular basis, would love to hear about a solution.

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                Apologies, I meant: your website is Lynx friendly, but it’s not using HTTPs. Being lynx friendly is value-added, but using HTTPs is a must.

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                Holy False Dilemma, Batman!

                lynx supports HTTPS just fine. Always has, for values of “always” including “longer than most here have been programming”. There’s nothing about HTTPS which excludes lynx or any other text browser.