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Qwerty and Dvorak came up in another article this week, so I thought I’d post this description of my experience with a made-up keyboard layout, for anyone who missed it the first time around.


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    Unfortunately, he then moves the number keys into a jumbled-up order so that they’re no longer in incrementing or any other intuitive order. I’m not sure why. (I later found out that this is apparently the original Dvorak number layout which nobody uses.)

    It’s odd certainly, but the number-layout on programmer-dvorak does make a certain kind of sense once you realise that it places all odd numbers on the left hand, all evens on the right, and does so in such a way that 0 and 1 end up on the index fingers.

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      I made my own Finnish dvorak keyboard layout in the late 90s, when I owned a keyboard whose keys were easy to swap around. Didn’t see the long-term value because different languages are different anyway.

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        Dvorak relies on the right hand a lot more, and I was in the strange position of having my right hand get tired pretty quickly for the first couple of weeks.

        I get this specifically with my right ring and pinky fingers; I can feel a physical strain any time I go from right pinky finger to my right ring finger (especially on different rows). Everywhere else is fine.

        I think it has something to do with letter combinations for ‘n’, ‘s’, ‘r’, and ‘l’ and their frequencies in the English language.

        Is your experience similar?

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          Same experience, after using Programmer-Dvorak for the last four years. I now have significant strain in my right-pinky.

          However, on qwerty I had major strain in the left hand, so I guess it’s still a win.

          I’d be open to hearing about a programmer-oriented layout that was more balanced, avoiding strain in any particular finger.

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            I tend to simply move/keep my entire right hand a bit more right-ward, thereby using my ring finger instead of my pinky most of the time.