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“C++ Exception Handling - The gory details of an implementation” by Peter Edwards, Arista Networks.

Abstract: Modern implementations of exception handling make the facility almost cost free for those times you don’t actually end up throwing an exception. There’s a big complexity cost to this, and a lot of work that happens when we step off the happy path. This presentation rolls up its sleeves and looks at what actually happens when you throw an std::exception() on modern Linux systems.

Slides: http://isainmdom.com/~peadar/eximpl


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    Really great talk, it’s remarkable the machinery that makes exception handling zero cost today. Also good overview of setjmp/longjmp, that’s a real brain twister, a real ‘a ha!’ moment when you finally get it.

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      In the story submission guidelines:

      When submitting a URL, the text field is optional and should only be used when additional context or explanation of the URL is needed. Commentary or opinion should be reserved for a comment, so that it can be voted on separately from the story.

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        I like the fact that posters take the time to put in an abstract. I use that to judge if I should click on the link. I support this use of the text field.

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          Abstracts, link to other forms of same submission, Github, and so on have all been favored by Lobsters in votes or comments so far. If anything, we might need to update the guidelines to get it up-to-date on that. Far as abstracts, that’s also a time saver for readers where they can invest just a few seconds in deciding whether to invest a lot more time in main content.

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            I’ve no problem with the abstract, I’m just not clear that the submitter is the author. (Is the submitter Peter Edwards?)

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              (n00b OP here) I wasn’t sure if I should add the abstract and slides in there, since they are just copy / paste from the video description, but considering the replies, I’ll keep doing this. I think it helps people decided if they should spend an hour watching a presentation or not :)

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                +1ing other replies here; I think commentary is quite distinct from “commentary” or “opinion” as a comment should be.