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    This sort of thing is why I strongly suggest developers who are doing their work professionally to get a proper desktop with proper processor and storage.

    My (biased) opinion is that so many folks, especially in web dev, do all of their work on expensive lemons from Apple or on laptops instead of getting a beefy workstation that can serve their needs better. My Ryzen box was a godsend for dealing with this sort of thing a couple of years ago at launch.

    (This also applies to getting real keyboards, mice, and monitors.)

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      I agree. And I don’t even compile anything, I just need to transpile a bunch of TypeScript to ES5 or ES6. The difference Is huge when I switch from my beefy work-issued laptop to my humble 5-yo desktop. (The laptop does run windows so there’s that factor.)

      There’s only one thing that bothers me usually. If I get a beast, I usually don’t have a lot of money left over for a beast laptop. So then I’m underpowered when I need to work on a laptop alone, like during travel. On the other hand, I don’t travel that much, and if I had to build something so intensive, I would probably set up some cloud/remote solution.

      I don’t buy new machines often so I’d like to but the best. But you can’t have it all, can you?

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        My (also biased) opinion is that LLVM becoming the standard has doomed us to decades of dog slow compilers, so anyone who doesn’t currently have compile time issues will have them soon.

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        This is cross-architectural, too. I saw much the same when bumping core count on POWER9, as well as the diminishing returns on SMT and -j X: https://www.talospace.com/2020/04/eight-four-two-one-twice-cores-is.html