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    This is an interesting resolution to a open source software case. No monetary compensation, even for legal fees. Instead, a disclaimer must be added everywhere mentioning that the products (Houdini 6 and Fat Fritz 2) are derived from open source software and that they are not allowed to distribute them or any other derivatives for a year. Futhermore, they must hire a “Free Software Compliance Officer”.

    Quite a different result than previous lawsuits I’ve heard about. It seems that the Stockfish authors care more about the recognition and continued sanctity of the license rather than punishing ChessBase.

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      indeed, that’s why I posted it here despite not being sure if it was relevant and confirmed by the initial downvote :)

      I used to hate the copyleft licenses because of their viral nature but having seen companies leeching the work of open-source developers, I’ve come around to using MPL 2 for libraries and GPL 2 for applications.