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    https://earth.nullschool.net Looks very similar to the above. I remember looking at the javascript there. It was based off of d3 I believe.

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      Can’t stop thinking that a descendant of Vincent van Gogh is a web developer today. Did he have children?

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        Really awesome, where can I find the source of their data?

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          It is a very pretty map. If you look in the bottom right corner, you can select one of three display models, and there is a description of where the source data comes from and how often it is updated.

          Short answer- ICON uses DWD (Germany), GFS uses NOAA (United States), and GEM uses CMC (Canada).

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            In case anyone else isn’t seeing this, the data-source widget isn’t shown on mobile (presumably to bring down small-screen HUD clutter), but it is on desktop.

            There’s a useful caveat in the HN discussion about these models, in that they’re generally fairly course-grained and laggy, so good for getting a general overview of global weather, but not for precise “nowcasting” of what will happen in your location within the next hour or two (or even what’s happening right now).

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            I belive it’s private data from the Czech meteorological company, see here: https://www.ventusky.com/about