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    WebVM sounds a lot like Google’s (abandoned) NativeClient — i.e. running sandboxed x86 code in the browser — but with two extra layers of indirection.

    Also, I am pleased to learn there is a protocol called DERP.

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      This is incredibly neat.

      I actually stumbled on this about two weeks ago and was really excited to play with it before I realized I’m not allowed to. Do you have any plans to open source it?

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        About plans to open source it:

        We are still figuring out which use cases we can bring to market, and we prefer to keep our options open for the moment.

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        I would be interested to see this applied to v86 and the build pipeline to compile lwIP & tailscale to wasm.

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          This is undoubtedly neat, but… is this really something that should even exist? That we should be building on? Like… why?

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            Two ideas i can think of: hosted demos of software/systems, and easy multi-host networking/security labs for teaching.

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            I must says that for me this is kind of magic :)