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    After almost 10 years as a separate site with its own norms, I think the time when lobste.rs has to define itself in terms of HN has passed.

    I did a quick spot check of the last 24h of top-page links on HN and around 30% of them were on-topic for this site (and that was me being generous).

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      Time flies when you’re having fun!

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      i think even more than moderation, the defining feature that shapes the feel of hackernews comments is the lack of reply notifications. on the minus side, it makes it hard to have good conversations, but on the plus side reddit-style infinite flamewars are also a lot less likely to flare up.

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        I know, I know, it’s an HN link. 😅

        Lobsters was founded in reaction to moderation policy at HN; many of us define our culture partially in contrast to HN.

        That’s why I thought this response from the lead of the moderation team there would be especially interesting to us.

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          I will say the quality of moderation on HN went up with dang effectively replacing pg (who loved to abuse his power there, IME; i.e. shadowbanning jcs, but he was known to suppress anything that made him or YC look bad), but he’s one guy and he’s spread really thin with the front page being a high-value spam target and the site being so big. As a result, the conversations on HN can get spicy in the bad way because no one’s there to prune the poisonous branches of a comment tree. (It could be worse - /r/programming is effectively unmoderated and spam rules the day there.)

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            I’ve (intentionally) never used HN, so I just want to offer the counter-opinion that I don’t really perceive lobsters relative to the orange site. To me, lobsters is a place to share interesting links about tech topics with people who (minus a few exceptions) are trying really hard not to be jerks, many of whom have actual experience or knowledge about the topics being posted. The orange site isn’t the only place full of jerks, or people whose loudness-to-knowledge ratio is extremely high, so maybe it’s more like: Lobsters is different relative to almost every other message board I’m aware of.

            That said, I read the linked comment anyway, and it was both interesting and convinced me I’m right to stay away. :)