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    “good bot” so funny

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      It was also interesting to see the reaction from open source developers to unsolicited pull requests from what looks like a bot (really a bot found the problem and made the PR, but really a human developer at Code Review Doctor did triage the issue before the PR was raised). After creating 69 pull requests the reaction ranged from:

      I wonder if you’d get better reactions if a human made the PR and didn’t say it came from a bot.

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        That’s exactly the quote that prompted me to share the article. I think there was recently a case in the linux kernel community that some university group was submitting (arguably bad) patches that were generated by a tool – it didn’t went well if I recall correctly. Maybe initial reactions would be better, but long term, if the project finds out, it would lead to loss of trust.

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          It was the University of Minnesota and they got their entire university banned from submitting anything to the Linux kernel.

          The biggest argument against stuff like this I saw was that the heads of the groups being tested against had not accepted to participate in the study.

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          A flipside of that is that you might expect better analysis from a human if it had been filed under a human’s name. These are clearly mostly auto-generated bug reports, and a number of false positives were filed, despite the triaging (from just spot-checking: 1, 2). So filing them under a bot’s name is maybe more honest to manage expectations.

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          This PR got closed as invalid. It looks like one of the two fixes involved a format string which was passed as a function argument. It would be good if each fix was a separate PR, or some human grouped fixes into PRs based on the area of the code.

          On a related note (I can’t post another comment): Tried running this on a repo I’m working on, and it returned a blank page (I tried reloading). I guess that means there were no issues, but it would be good to get an indication of that.